Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication

Contents part #2

Chapter Three:
Analysis of the Luxembourg phenomenon

by Theo Locher

Chapter Four:
What we experience ourselves impresses us most

by Theo Locher

Chapter Five:
ITC as a personal experience
by Maggy Harsch-Fischbach

Chapter Six:
The need for greater cooperation and a worldwide organization
by Maggy Harsch-Fischbach

Chapter Seven:
Telephone and computer contacts become routine events
by Theo Locher and Maggy Harsch-Fischbach

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Chapter Three
Analysis of the Luxembourg phenomenon
by Dr Theo Locher

The higher being "Technician" takes over.

The Group Harsch already had secured contacts to the deceased EVP researcher Konstantin Raudive and to family members and friends in spirit, when in the summer of 1986 they heard for the first time a high-pitched, synthetic and computer-like voice.

It belonged to a personality who announced the spirit contacts and organized them. This high spirit being who identified himself simply as "Technician" tried to adjust his voice and the voices of other spirit communicators to the frequency of the radio receiver.

With his instructions the Luxembourg group improved the Eurosignal Bridge (ESB) and built the Gegensprechanlage 1 (GA1). The latter made true dialog with the other side possible. Further suggestions for improvement resulted in clearer dialogs.

Repeatedly the Earth group was reminded of the great difficulties of building a bridge between the physical world and the spirit world. Regular voice experiments with the microphone method are necessary to enable the spirit groups to adjust to the human voice.

The high level of ethics in the Technician's messages and his extraordinary knowledge of physics, mathematics, astronomy, electronics and the natural sciences point to a being of high standing in the spiritual hierarchy.

He is multilingual and has great knowledge of the past and the future. He was never incarnated, is not human and is assigned to planet Earth. A sort of unselfish love seems to emanate from him. Many messages of this high being should be carefully considered.

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The messages are intellectually and morally on a high scale.

About the suffering of mankind the Technician remarked that the pain and suffering which each person has to bear is part of his own self, partially caused by his own actions.

The suffering is part of man's learning process and designed by higher power to stimulate improvement and perfection. In his judgment mankind is still at a relatively low stage of development.

On January 24, 1987, answering a question about the fall of mankind from Grace, he said that there was no breaking away from God. Those on the other side are in the process of evolution.

When asked about the Akashic Records, he remarked that people who die have the opportunity on the third level to review part of their records. Everything that ever happened has been recorded and stored. Much of the Akashic Records belongs to the third plane.

Surprisingly the Technician knows the descriptions of spirit levels by the departed Professor Frederic Myers and often refers to them. Myers was the co-founder of the world's first scientific society for parapsychology, the British Society for Psychical Research.

In 1924/25, 1927 and 1931 he introduced, through the famous automatic writing medium Geraldine Cummings, numerous descriptions of the various spirit levels.

Another statement of the Technician concerns the strong emotions of the experimenters. Powerful human feelings distort vibration patterns. This is why inner balance of the participants is recommended.

A statement that causes us concern today is the claim that radioactive emanations are dangerous to the astral body. The consequences of an atomic war could cause terrible mutations for coming generations. This has happened in "parallel worlds" of the Earth.

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Paranormal video reception. On January 16, 1987, the other side succeeded in transmitting a picture of the former EVP researcher Hanna Buschbeck onto the screen of the Luxembourg TV set.

The slow viewing of the paranormal frames clearly reveals a slightly moving and smiling face. This motion picture type movement for the first time became clearly visible. An earlier picture of Pierre Klein was received in December 1986 but was not as good nor as clear.

The Technician asked Mrs Harsch to free herself from a rigidly religious way of thinking. He praised her when she was thinking and acting positively.

One morning through the radio wake-up music in the bedroom, Techincian broke into the music and gave instructions to Jules to dial a certain frequency on the other radio. He then announced himself on that radio on the given frequency!

To the question of whether he could make himself visible, he replied that the TV set was too weak and would be destroyed by the high concentration of light energy.

The first paranormal picture (inset above) received by the Harsch group (December 1986) shows Pierre Klein, a departed acquaintance of the experimenters. Compared with a lifetime photo of Pierre on sitting on a bus.

The second paranormal video image received in Luxembourg: A carefully indentified picture of the late EVP researcher Hanna Buschbeck who now looks young again.

He addressed many transmissions dealing with technical problems to the physicist Professor Senkowski.

He stated that contact material coming through mediums is based on four-fifths of the (human) psyche and one-fifth on spirit sources, while ITC transmissions contain four-fifths from spirit and only one-fifth from the psyche of the experimenters, as a rule.

On May 28, 1987, the Technician noted that many dying people, from a certain point on, do not want to be kept alive by so-called life-support systems. They want peace because they feel that their resistance and rebellion against death has become hopeless.

He disagrees with the technical aspect of modern medicine and describes the mental attitude of most dying persons in five stages:

1. Refusal to accept.
2. Anger.
3. Desire to make a deal.
4. Depression with self-accusation.
5. Acceptance of death.

He made reference to consumerism as a measuring stick for our lives.

People today go to lengths to evade and ignore the thought of their own death, while in the Middle Ages the majority of the people knew that their attitude in this life will affect their life in the beyond.

Less than two months after the death of Margret Mackes, who was close to Mrs Harsch, the Technician assured Maggy that they would try to synthesize the voice of this woman as closely as possible. In fact, her husband immediately recognized her voice. She takes care of new arrivals among the children in the spirit world and she announced herself via ESB and GA1.

Margret Mackes lives together with her mother and brother in a small, nicely furnished apartment in the astral planes. She plays the violin, is busy with tailoring and visits the Timestream communication center to see the laboratories and transmission station.

The Technician was asked about the reaction of well-known Earth personalities upon arrival in spirit. He answered that many could not find their way and could not function, so they have to return to Earth in new incarnations. Others are now working with their hands.

The spirit world does not distinguish among people of different cultural, economic, political and religious background on Earth, nor between gender. Raudive later on also emphasized that women should have equal billing with men everywhere.

It produces the moral and psychological climate in which international peace can thrive. Raudive compares life on Earth to a rest stop on a super highway. New people are constantly coming in, others are leaving. Some people stay longer than others. Too many among them consider their stay as the only reality in their entire life.

Most people see nothing or little of the highway, and when they go through the doors they forget what went before, the trip or the rest stop. They do not want to be aware that just as they got off the highway, they will have to go back on it.

On June 1, 1987, the Technician was asked how spirit beings can enter into the affairs of men. He replied via GA1 that they mentally influence people, and by spreading the knowledge of transcommunication raise their consciousness.

When asked, the Technician named a few great personalities of past and present whom he has mentally influenced, among them the former Soviet Premier Gorbachev. People will only receive support from the spiritual dimension for the tasks they are supposed to perform.

During this conversation Maggy Harsch was able to write along almost word for word. The Technician then sympathetically went into the problems of suicide.

While Group Timestream is spatially and dimensionally separated from the Luxembourg group, many things are similar in Timestream's surroundings to what we have on Earth.

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Concerning communication among themselves, the Technician had this to say:

We all speak one language which is comparable to telepathy. When we speak to you we translate it into your Earth language. Our language according to your human terms consists of 27,000 characters. I am not considering the purely acoustical. Our language is immediately usable after bodily death.

The Technician indicates in his statements that he has exact knowledge of books published on Earth. During a telephone conversation between Mrs Harsch and a female medium, the Technician broke into the conversation with a direct voice and without the use of a loudspeaker! At one point he had said:

Important conditions for contacts to our dimensions are a pure heart, a pure spirit and an open mind.

In June 1987 he predicted:

There is going to be a big umbrella organization which shall occupy itself with this voice research, with this ITC. The name of this organization is unimportant. It will be comparable to "UNO" (the United Nations organization) and will bring together several countries.

He could be speaking of an institution which instead of politically unifying countries will tie them together under higher ethical guidelines in awareness and knowledge of transcommunication contacts.*

When asked about God, he said:

Man forms God according to human images and conceptions. God or the principle is a being which cannot be compared to anything.

In a later transmission the Technician emphasized that respect of every life form is part of the spiritual progress of men. He recommended that in the future ITC should be associated with human rights and protection of animals and nature. At another point he said:

The occupants of Earth have to learn to think differently. With the help of ITC some will learn the worthlessness of their material thinking and will turn toward spiritual interests.

Then, directing his attention to Maggy, the Technician added:

It is your task to distribute the things I tell you.

According to Technician there are parallel worlds where some sort of "double" of our self is living now. (see INFOnews 02/88) The existence of these material worlds (mirror worlds) is triggered by our thoughts, wishes, imagination and actions.

This may be comparable with the forming of ectoplasm, an ethereal substance which manifests according to projections of the conscious or unconscious mind of living beings. These doubles continue physical and spiritual development separately and will pass on to spiritual worlds as we do.

As far as our ability to visualize parallel worlds is concerned, the founder of astrophysics, Professor Friedrich Zoellner, has developed the hypothesis of four-dimensional space. He was able to use this model satisfactorily for explaining the penetration phenomenon of the medium Henry Slade.

Geometrically speaking, in three-dimensional space, for every plane there are an infinite number of parallel planes. Likewise, in four dimensional space, for every three-dimensional material world there can be infinite numbers of material parallel worlds.

Only after the experimenters open themselves to new information, warned the Technician, could they make contact with superior forces.

A better spiritual understanding shared among researchers makes their time line more concentrated, and the Technician can locate them better. When participants in ITC experiments disagree they make it difficult for the Technician to orient them and to secure a contact.

German physicist Ernst Senkowski wrote a letter with questions to Swejen Salter in his computer in Mainz, Germany, and stored it on a disk. In a letter of information which Swejen Salter put into the Luxembourg computer of the Harsch couple she thanked Senkowski for the disk (!) and discussed his questions.

In her own computer text she claims people on Earth not only have a different physical view but also a different physics. In her writing she brought up a number of problems with astronomical measurements, nuclear physics, biology and other disciplines of natural sciences and displayed an excellent knowledge of the natural sciences.

Her entire computer text was entered under listing of the code word. The original type-out was in lower case type with negligible mistakes. This computer text of February 6, 1988, was accompanied by Swejen's TV picture which was of average quality.

A two-way conversation was achieved between Senkowski, George Meek, and Mrs Harsch on this side, and the Technician, Raudive, Juergenson and the new arrival Klaus Schreiber, who passed over January 7, 1988.

Schreiber, in addressing Senkowski as "My dear friend Ernst," said he was proud that he succeeded in bringing across his picture on the TV set of a woman in Southern Germany. (showing Klaus Schreiber with his left hand on his heart. He had died of a heart attack.) Senkowski remarked: "It still seems inconceivable and yet is solid reality."

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Earthside equipment presents technical problems here and there. 

During earlier decades, the transmission of high- and low-level spirit information took place mainly through trance mediums and mediums that practiced automatic writing. They unconsciously colored or altered information with their own psyches.

Today in the field of ITC, when such transmissions from spirit take place through electronic equipment, they are changed very little by the human psyche.

Spirit groups are working hard to develop new ITC equipment for their own use. They also have been instructing Earth experimenters about what to build, which type or which combination of electronic devices to use, where to put them, how to tune them, and where the participants should be situated during the experiments. We, the Earth experimenters, are the students.

The spirit being in charge often announces contact experiments days or hours in advance and points out the importance of spiritual balance, positive attitude toward the experiment, and harmony among the participants.

Often instructions are given during the experiment -- for instance, a change of the radio frequency which may result in clearer voices. Without all this advice and these instructions the contacts could never be accomplished.

Some things remain obscure, such as:

Interference during transmissions may have many causes:

A small miracle happened on June 5, 1987, during experiments in the Hotel Nobilis in Luxembourg. During this public meeting of CETL the voice of Konstantin Raudive was heard softly even though the radio set was not connected to an electrical outlet nor did the radio contain any batteries! Two days later the Technician explained:

In this case we activated an electrical field within the modules of the radio set.

He added that they (Timestream) did not expect the large size of the hotel room and the large number of participants. This was the reason why the voices could only be heard softly.

When Mrs Harsch came home from work on June 17, the computer and the radio were turned on. "Group 2405" had left a message in the computer. The Technician was not in touch with this group and the Harsch couple soon terminated their ties to Group 2405 because their spiritual attitude did not seem trustworthy.

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The concept of a "contact field" turned up in the messages to Hans-Otto Koenig and to CETL. This field is a combination of physical and psychic fields. It is often emphasized that love, harmony and soul are necessary for successful contacts.

Are contacts only possible in the Harsch apartment? Not at all. They were also established in Hotel Nobilis and in Hotel Intercontinental in Luxembourg and at a location 180 miles away from their home.

Eurosignal Bridge (ESB). One could expend much time and space describing the development of equipment combinations for which Timestream acted as a stimulus. We had ESB contacts as early as August 1986. The acoustic quality improved in time.

The name "Eurosignal Bridge" (ESB) comes from a constant tone broadcast over European radios at 87 MHz. The tone is called the Eurosignal. The ESB includes two FM radios tuned near 87 MHz and a black and white TV set tuned to a free channel.

A "field generator" (an oscillator producing 5-KHz square waves), two UV lamps and a loudspeaker with filter. There also is an additional shortwave radio in the next room which may be used for the ESB and GA1 system.

The audio signal of a black and white TV set passes through a parametric filter into an audio amplifier, and then drives a CB filter and loudspeaker combination. Rhythmic timing seems to have been especially difficult for the other side.

This is why a fluorescent lamp with an incandescent blinking lamp with a one-second rate was called for. In the beginning a metronome timing device was used for the adjustment of their speaking rhythm.

A hand-held microphone recorded the couple's communication and the loudspeaker output. A flashlight was pointed at each of two FM receivers. Why this was necessary we do not know. The duration of contacts was about 10 - 15 minutes.

The trans-signals did not always come through at the same frequency and the dial had to be fine-tuned each time. It seemed to vary between 87 and 92 MHz. A readjustment was often required during contacts. The voices came through on one of the radio receivers, but occasionally also through the TV set.

The transmissions are tied to certain psychic factors, which means not everybody can get voices with such an equipment combination. The Harsch couple and their technical associate at the time had psychic abilities.

Professor Senkowski, a physicist, former ham operator and radio specialist in the army, investigated the technical equipment and determined that no manipulation or fraud was involved. In his presence and in the presence of other researchers spirit contacts were made and voices were received.

In Spring 1986 for the first time after stubborn attempts, the three researchers received the first voices directly out of the loudspeaker noises. Since then messages containing hundreds of words have been received.

The Gegensprechanlage GA1 (Two-Way system GA1). GA1 makes possible largely uninterrupted two-way conversations for a few minutes. The system consists of a radio with built-in antenna.

It also uses the additional shortwave radio (in another room), two diode circuits with special antennas, a "frequency translator circuit" with built-in microphone, and a small fluorescent lamp.

Professor Senkowski found much conformity in the use of these equipment combinations. They cannot be understood in the light of today's physics. The psychic energy of the experimenter seems to play an essential part in it, but our textbook science knows no discipline that studies the interconnections between physics and psychology.

The tests outside the Harsch apartment teach us that the phenomenon is not limited to a location but to a person. The time of transmission was mostly determined by the other side. Since they were sending on changing frequencies, the equipment had to be tuned accurately in the beginning and re-tuned during the experiment.

When the spirit communicator was speaking over ESB the signals of the Euro Calling System were subdued but audible. GA1 communication was mostly free of interference, since adjacent FM stations were "squelched" during that time.

The Burton Bridge is named after the late Richard Francis Burton (died 1891) who announced himself over the computer for the first time in November 1987, nearly a century after his physical death.

During my visit in Luxembourg this equipment combination consisted only of a demonstrably defective and non-functioning TV set, a field generator from H.O. Koenig, two UV lamps with crossing beams, the main cassette recorder and a video camera. The Harsch couple also count telephone, radio and computer contacts as part of the Burton Bridge.

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Researchers experience the incredible.

On February 13, 1987, a dialog between Dr Ralf Determeyer and the Technician took place over GA1 during which the Technician answered written questions.

He said that the Catholic Church will play an important part in the spread of ITC and the Pope has instigated research about it. The phenomenon should be discussed in scientific circles. ITC is an important instrument in the advancement of human consciousness.

For the occurrence of the phenomenon a mediumistic talent of the experimenter seems to be necessary. This is true of the previously mentioned Manfred Boden and Klaus Schreiber, as well as the Harsch Group.

Experience taught that spirit contacts are not confined to one location but will also function in strange surroundings. The time of contact is determined by the other side, and their instructions should be followed precisely. Professor Senkowski in 1987 established the conformities of ESB and GA1 from all experiences and compiled a list of 16 points.

"The possibility of faking or manipulating the voices or television pictures for the involved lay people is practically zero," he wrote. The material of the Luxembourg experimenting group " convincing and forms new steps whose significance for most people is inconceivable and points far into the future!"

The Harsch couple and Professor Senkowski receive pictures. 

In the evening of April 20, 1987, Mr and Mrs Senkowski and Maggy and Jules Harsch in their Luxembourg apartment received a series of detailed messages from the Technician concerning the planned transmission of spirit pictures via the ESB.

The pictures would all show landscapes and subjects from the third level (mid astral plane). The Eurosignal should be tuned loudly on both FM receivers. The additional radio should be tuned to the same shortwave frequency. The Technician gave each participant a spot in the room at which to sit. All equipment should be turned on at 2:30 p.m.

Then we all would leave the room for 5 minutes so he could charge up the equipment with static. The audibility and clarity of these instructions was one hundred percent. This alone is very remarkable to the insider who is used to voices garbled to a greater or lesser degree.

The following afternoon on April 21, after the technical associate of group Harsch, Jean-Paul Seyler, had set up the video camera, the above mentioned participants could observe the announced series of pictures between 2:35 and 2:40 p.m. on the screen of the black and white TV set.

Appearing first were three still pictures of mountain and forest landscapes. Together they lasted only a few seconds. After a pause, a picture appeared of a young woman moving in the water. Later an announced picture of a sun-like disk above a town and a tower-like structure.

Professor Senkowski described the picture quality as altogether excellent. The picture series was followed by the RTL Luxembourg television network logo.

That evening the Harsch couple received explanations over GA1 from the Technician. He described the still scenes as partial aspects of the third level which are indescribably beautiful.

The name of the woman emerging from the water is Maria Jakubowski. The family is close to the Harsch couple. The water is the "River of Eternity".

The bright disc is a rising planet and the tower-like building is the home of sending station Timestream.

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An intercontinental ITC experiment succeeds. 

In a phone call to Mainz, Germany, on April 22, 1987, George Meek (USA) informed Professor Senkowski his spirit collaboration group Lifeline would attempt to get in touch with Luxembourg via the spirit group Timestream.

This message came through Meek's telepathic medium Patty Ann. Senkowski immediately notified Mrs Harsch. At the appropriate time the Harsch couple got ready for reception. The attempt actually succeeded on April 23 and the acoustical message was recorded on tape.

At first came the contact introduction through the Technician. A voice speaking American English came next, calling himself Nelson D. Rockefeller. He reminded Mrs Harsch that he had spoken to her "across Dr Raudive's speakerphone" last year.

She confirmed this! After the dialog between Maggy Harsch and the entity identifying himself as Nelson Rockefeller, the Technician took over again. During this ITC communication there was a notable technical difference. Several times German radio signals broke through (music, speech and song) interfering with the ITC transmission.

What is remarkable about this successful experiment is the cooperation of two spirit groups, Lifeline and Timestream, with two Earth groups, Metascience and CETL. George Meek and his medium Patty Ann as a telepathic link seemed to have played a special role and so did Maggy Harsch who had psychic talents.

According to Senkowski this experiment represents "an unprecedented, documented confirmation of ITC possibilities and realities which, like accomplishments of the pioneers Juergenson, Raudive, Bacci, O'Neil and Koenig, are of historical significance."

Technician: Experiments that involve two spirit groups are very important for the evolution of transcommunication.

The Technician made this remark after ABX Juno, who worked together with the Haerting family in Darmstadt, contacted the Harsch couple in Luxembourg. The other side is striving to get in touch with other countries, but encounters great difficulties.

Technician: Much depends on people on Earth.

On July 30 the Technician succeeded in again bringing through speakers from spirit Group Lifeline. This time it was the former French scientist Henri Sainte-Claire de Ville.

Present at this session were Professor Walter Uphoff and his wife Mary Jo from the USA and the director of a German hospital accompanied by a psychiatrist.

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George Meek and Andreas Resch experience direct voices from the radio. 

On the evening of May 2, 1987, the following researchers gathered in the apartment of Mr and Mrs Harsch: The director of Metascience Foundation, George Meek from USA; Dr Andreas Resch from Innsbruck, Austria; Dr Ernst Senkowski and his wife Adelheid; and engineer Jean-Paul Seyler from group Harsch.

During the experiments the voices of three entities could be heard from the radio set: Konstantin Raudive; Henri Sainte-Claire de Ville, a great French chemist who had died in 1881; and a third speaker who did not identify himself. Mr de Ville represented the group of scientists of Spirit Group Lifeline who collaborated with the Metascience Foundation.

He declared it was the task of groups Harsch, Lifeline and Timestream to "set fire to minds" on Earth. His remaining statements were too abstract to be fully understood. The following day, Father Resch received a personal message from the Technician which was of religious content.

Typical spirit world landscapes.

Professor Father Francois Brune supports ITC. 

On June 22, 1987, Father Francois Brune became witness to the voices of the Technician and Raudive coming through ESB. He was addressed by them in French in the Harsch apartment. Father Brune, who was born in 1931, had written a book, Les Morte nous parlent (The Dead speak to us). The fourth edition had appeared in 1989. He is a member of the Catholic Institute in Paris as well as the Biblical Institute in Rome. For years he has taught at several great institutes in France. In addition he authored articles and other books. After publication of his book about ITC he gave many lectures about this new phenomenon. He is being credited to have fostered public interest in ITC in France.

In an interview he confirmed that these experiments are being followed with interest by the Catholic Church and that the existence of the phenomenon is not in contradiction to Catholicism. He emphasized in his book that a person should refuse every selfish contact with the beyond and every temptation to exercise power. We should rather seek through it a union with God in love and in prayer.

Father Brune discussed the paranormal happenings four times in Luxembourg. As a theologian he took a stand in the following letter of August 2, 1989:

In the early days of the Church, life after death was commonly accepted by Christians and Jews (although the scenario was somewhat unclear). In time this would change fundamentally. At first with evangelism, later also among Catholic theologians, the emphasis of survival and immortality of the soul shifted to the resurrection of the Christ. The more modern church came up with such notions as:

With the manifestations of transcommunication, God in his mercy gave us signs which we need for our faith. Brune believes that through the present "bringing together of different information in different ways, man will rediscover the reason for his existence -- his place in God's plan."

He sees ITC as a chance for spiritual evolution of mankind and "a preparation for our further evolution in the beyond." Brune cited the following:

Roland de Jouvenel who died in 1946 at the age of 15 gave his mother a feeling of his spiritual evolution in the beyond by expressing himself through her automatic writing. He told her that "the research, the insights directed toward the earthly realm can never be considered a sacrilege against God."

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The Luxembourg group gets a pleasant surprise. 

July 24, 1987, was a truly eventful day. In the presence of Jean-Paul Seyler and the Harsch couple, their spirit partners succeeded with a 15-minute picture transmission. Jean Paul captured eleven picture sequences on the TV screen with his video camera.

The images were very clear. The equipment set-up consisted of ESB and GA1 system, an ultraviolet light, and the video camera. The listing of pictures follows:

  1. Partial view of a statue showing two hands.

  2. Head mask of the same statue. The pictures correspond almost exactly to parts of a statue group in the Place du Theatre in Luxembourg.

  3. Blow-up of the statue hands. As the Technician and Raudive explained: The statue group in Luxembourg was designed and set up by a female artist now in spirit. A nearly identical statue group also took shape in a parallel world.

  4. Cats moving about during feeding.

  5. Moving pigeons on the ledge of a fountain.

  6. White head of a horse. According to Technician, animals after physical death also enter into other levels of consciousness.

  7. Forest scene with pond and two hikers.

  8. Landcape of hills and trees.

  9. Forest clearing. Two galloping horses with riders shown in motion.

  10. Bearded man.

  11. Details of hands from picture 1. The four pictures of a statue group in spirit that resembles one on Earth could be interpreted to support the existence of parallel worlds.

The great French chemist Henri Ste Claire Deville. A slight head turn is revealed when viewing the videio tape at very slow speed. Picture was received on January 16, 1987, together with the image of late ITC researcher Hanna Buschbeck, shown near the beginning of this chapter. 


Cats moving about a bowl of milk.

This phenomenal picture series was also shown to CETL members during the same year. A direct voice contact before 120 people on the ESB system was accomplished. The voices of the Technician and Raudive could be heard, though they were hard to understand.

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Then they get attacked from both sides of the veil. 

By the end of 1987 The Luxembourg group had recorded about two dozen different voices, all of them from physical beings who had died, with the exception of the Technician who reports he has never been incarnate.

Some could be recognized by their manner of speaking and directly by their voice. The constant adjustment to the experiments and to the communicators, the assimilation of material, preparation for passing it on to others and the publicity work (telephone, talks, transcriptions and correspondence) took too much out of the couple who had full-time jobs besides.

They were subject to verbal and written attacks based on the axiom: "What cannot be, cannot be". Even for some of those who had witnessed the phenomena, it was all too new and incredible, and they distanced themselves from it later on, as the initial excitement turned to awe, then skepticism.

Two hands of a statue exactly like that on the Place du Theatre in Luxembourg. (sulptur Salter/Weis)

Moving pigeons on the ledge of a fountain.

The health of the couple started suffering, one reason being their high sensitivity and vulnerable feelings. Their empathy for the problems of others who were looking for help weighed heavily on them. The Technician warned:

Most people are not ready for this connection between dimensions. They misinterpret the messages and do not understand their meaning. Many try to get from us what they cannot get on Earth.

It is not part of our project that you conduct public experiments with ESB or GA1 in a large public room in front of a large audience. You will suffer very much from the wishes and questions, from the curiosity and lust for sensationalism that will be around you.

You will be drained of energy faster than we can provide it. Our plan was that you should work in obscurity and pass on messages and material to only a few trusted people who would use this information in books.

The couple had to decide to cancel public presentations and to drop their public experiments for a period of two months. Malicious beings on the other side seemed to have taken temporary possession of the transmission station. Experience taught them that, unfortunately, it is not only positive forces that can influence us.

Every experimenter should be careful in dealing with the unknown and should ask for protection with positive thoughts and prayers especially when they are ready to open themselves to other dimensions. The couple had experiences where they had to ask themselves if the messages were really coming from those whom they knew as higher spirit partners.

In the beginning they had organized lectures and demonstrations four times a year. Difficulties appeared from both sides. These difficulties were not so much of a technical nature but rather the attitude of experimenters towards each other. There is envy, slander and fighting among those who experiment in this field more or less successfully.

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Negative fields developed. 

in the fall of 1987 in several earthside ITC stations and caused confusion, anxiety, insecurity and distrust. Experimenters suffered from health problems and disturbances (including this book's translator, Hans Heckmann).

George Meek in the USA barely escaped a life threatening situation. A very extensive new ITC project of Metascience Foundation, "Project Lifeline," became jeopardized and G. Meek had to discontinue it.

The German medium Mrs Wolske avoided "battles" between positive and negative forces in spirit. The contacts of the Haerting family were interrupted and Peter Haerting suffered from cancer of the throat which ultimately caused his death.

Klaus Schreiber and Martin Wenzel also reported trouble with negative forces. Schreiber died the following year. Five other mediums reported other negative happenings. As early as July 25, 1986, Konstantin Raudive had warned:

There are many cases in which mystics and adepts are bodily and especially mentally harmed in spite of observing all rules... After all, we are in the realm of energies, though not of material nature, and energies have effects.

During a membership meeting at Luxembourg on August 29, 1987, Jean MOHNEN had warned, from his own experiences, of the dangers which are threatening us from deceased low-level earthbound beings. Thanks to their telepathic ability they know our wishes and thoughts and pretend to be those whose contacts we are looking for.

"Many people enter the spirit world immature, ignorant and unprepared. They most likely remain attracted to the Earth sphere. Here they continue indulging in their desires, inclinations or passions by influencing sensitive people on Earth."

Later on the Technician reported that Spirit ITC stations came under control of low-level beings who are able to imitate the voices of higher beings. This raises the question: How can the Earth experimenter protect himself?

One of our own deceased relatives or friends can be of great help and provide protection. The most secure reaction is the immediate stop of all experiments. If you do not want that, control your fear, find inner peace, pray, and think positively. Seek the assistance of higher beings and listen to the voice of your consciousness.

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They close down and start up again. 

In late November 1987 the Harsch couple found a text in their computer under the name of Burton. It was drawing their attention to a new contact attempt. The message was signed by Richard Francis Burton. After that contact they received two more messages in their computer which were signed by Burton's companion Swejen Salter. 

Bridled white horse

She explained that she had died last October in a parallel world. Soon after that Maggy H. recognized the well known voice of the late Friedrich Juergenson, who assured her that everything was now secured against negative forces.

He informed them that the horse that they had taken care of for many years and had recently died, had arrived in the spirit world. Burton had gathered a large herd of horses. The new spirit link was to be called Burton Bridge.

Good people on their side had now taken over the ITC station. Battles between "Light and darkness" had taken place. Several ITC stations were under the control of low-level beings and the voice of the Technician had been imitated.

The Harsch couple now began to understand why the Technician's voice had confused and disturbed them. The true Technician now spoke to them again telling them the purity of thought of the experimenters is attracting "pure" spirit.

Negative beings will always try to destroy transcommunication. He had recognized this danger too late. He gave ethical advice and reassured them future contacts should not be conducted through the human psyche anymore. On December 28, he added:

The battles between good and evil will happen again... You are always in good hands even though the going may get rough... This contact is guided through the help of higher beings, not through human beings.

There are no more negative influences on humans, animals and plants. "Y" was under alien influence since he did not have the experience needed. I continue to be assigned to planet Earth... We have modified the installation. I shall give you instructions for setting up a new system.

Maggy Harsch now was able to have interesting dialogs with Swejen Salter and with her deceased uncle.

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Phone contacts. 

When the couple arrived home on January 4, 1988, the light of the automatic phone answering device was lit. The voice of their recently departed friend Magret Mackes and the Technician's voice were recorded on tape.

This was not their first phone call from the other side! Their friend Margret remarked that working with this ITC gave her a big boost and a great joy. The Technician informed them that contact via computer was presently not possible, therefore he granted their wish for voice communication. It took place in the evening and was opened by the Technician:

As during our last contact we have to secure this connection more than ever before.

When suddenly Swejen Salter cut in with her usual impulsive manner, the Technician countered:

I am asking that the overall organization be left to me.

He later insisted that additional equipment should only be built by a well integrated personality. Maggy confirmed that during the confusing transmissions she was afraid. The Technician assured her:

There has been a permanent change... the stations can now be taken over again by the beings of Light.

He admitted that they could not help the Haerting family with all difficulties.

Concerning the early development of computer transmission, George Meek wrote in his newsletter, Unlimited Horizons, in Spring 1988:

Over a period of some weeks, "Technician" and Swejen Salter had given Maggy and Jules instructions they hoped would lead to utilization of a computer as a two-way communication device.

One day upon returning from work, Maggy found the computer had been turned on in her absence. Gibberish consisting of miscellaneous upper and lower case letters, random spacing, blank lines and non-uniform margins made it look as though a young child had started to play with the computer keyboard.

Subsequent discussions between Maggy and Swejen Salter on the radio system have improved communication via computer or word processor to the point where Dr Senkowski and I were absolutely astounded at what soon took place before our eyes.

Dr Senkowski had prepared questions dealing with scientific and semi-scientific matters and mailed same to Maggy in Luxembourg.

We were instructed via the "radio" by Swejen Salter to assemble in the computer room. Maggy called upon a code word Swejen Salter had requested be placed in the computer menu:

To our astonishment, the printer, at 200 words or more per minute, then produced two complete pages of material. This material was all in lower case with no spaces between the words, no paragraphing and, of course, in German.

Swejen Salter has demonstrated a superior level of knowledge by her ability to use paranormal means of embedding her comments on the chips in a computer in Luxembourg - with no help from any earthside person.

It is likely that Messrs. Tesla, Edison and Marconi are delighted to know that their "crackpot" dreams of an instrumental system for contact with higher levels of consciousness are at last being translated into a sophisticated computerized system of two-way communication.

Swejen entered a formula into the computer for Senkowski which had to do with experiments on planet Varid (her home planet). Through these exchanges a friendly relationship developed with Swejen Salter.

In a phone call on May 25, 1988, she declared higher beings were not interested in helping people with new discoveries and inventions, as long as man had not reached the necessary maturity. They wanted to see spiritual evolution first.

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Swejen once entered into the computer that many animals arriving in the beyond are born anew and then grow up there. This is also true of some humans, while others arrive at old age and after a sleep of regeneration turn young again.

She could not explain this difference. While animals in time accept the age they feel well in, humans generally take on the age of 25 to 30 years.

Jeannette Meek, wife of researcher George Meek, died in April 1990, and her arrival at the Timestream spirit group was announced to the Harsch-Fischbach couple in June 1990. She made contact via computer through Luxembourg in July.

Dear G.W.

I'd like to cook up a few good names for you believing I could have wings! I am sure you recall I have often told you that there are lots of things you come in handy for---not only to do (such as take caps off pill bottles) but also to tell somebody else just what to do (expert advice).

Well, it seems there are still people who do not believe in the contacts your friends of CETL are having. Here are some which except you and Molly (give her my warmest greetings, I miss her) nobody can know:

First story. In 1987, end of April, our tenant Debbie called to say her refrigerator was off. It must have been on a Thursday morning and had no connection with the storm we had before.

At the close of her workday she called again to say she was having more trouble. This time she had left her purse on the seat of the car of the lady with whom she had been riding. This lady lived quite far from Franklin, so Debbie asked to borrow our key to her place.

Second story. On April 29, 1987, Ann Valentin wrote a letter from California saying she had NOT received the Magic of Living Forever booklets she had ordered, but instead had received a box of Harlequin novels.

Third story. John Lathrop (I don't think Maggy and Jules ever heard this name) shut off the electricity at our rental house to put in the new yard light. He wasn't down there very long but charged $20 service in addition to $40 for the bulbs, plus tax. The charge seemed high.

So try to explain this, Honey. My never-ending love to you. I miss you so much, but I know we will be together. I have big work to do here as a result of that idiot war. Love forever, JDM.

Please, Maggy, forward this to George. He can be of great help to you all. Send my best wishes to Loree, also. Thank you. Jeannette Duncan Meek.

When the letter was sent in 1991, Jeannette was serving as a guardian angel of love and kindness, receiving men, women and children victims of the Mideast War as they came out of the tunnel ... and she said they came out in far larger numbers than reported by the news media in 1991.

In January 1988 the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg started communication sessions again with their spirit friends and it was confirmed that negative spirit groups had tried to disrupt these contacts. Meanwhile new beings had joined Group Timestream while others had left to pursue new activities.

Together with the Technician they had improved the contacts with the Harsch couple and secured them against negative beings. The battle between good and evil takes place here and there. We are traveling a long way during our evolution, Maggy Harsch remarked: "Some among us, living or dead, who are convinced of life after death, resist going this way.

They reject the evolution of the soul and want to wait or push it off. Still others turn to negative things. Many religious people impassively wait to be redeemed."

Concerning the experiments, she explained that the thought patterns of all participants are important. Therefore, a unity of thought and the pursuit of a common goal are necessary.

This is also a protection again the disturbances of negative spirit groups who could be attracted by mistrust and rejection or fanatical attitudes. The reader familiar with mediumship will see many parallels here to similar instructions by the "control" of the medium.

After the months-long break, messages were not channeled through the human psyche anymore. This means the psyche of participants cannot influence the messages. Apparently the thoughts and attitudes of the group act as an etheric power supply for the ITC contacts although they do not affect the messages conveyed.

Swejen Salter became the new leader of group Timestream which consisted of many spirits motivated to contact Earth. Among those who have announced themselves are: Klaus Schreiber, Friedrich Juergenson, Jean Eberhard, Mich Fischbach and Margret T. Mackes.

The great inventor Nikola Tesla also participated in the "bridge building." Swejen Salter, being a scientist, put through scientific texts for Professor Senkowski and answered his computer questions.

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George Meek and Professor Senkowski visit European groups. 

In February 1988 the ITC researchers Meek and Senkowski traveled through several countries to foster exchange of information among ITC stations. Such activity is important for the future. They visited Luxembourg, Mainz, Aachen and Stuttgart in Germany, Udine and Fermo in Italy and Zurich in Switzerland. For the Luxembourg visit, Timestream had planned a picture session.

Following the instructions of Swejen, on the afternoon of February 6 pictures were received on the small defective TV set which had a broken tuner and was not usable for regular TV-channel reception. All images were video taped with a newly purchased VCR in the presence of Meek and Senkowski.

Spirit pictures
Swejen Salter (left)
 Sir Richard Francis Burton

Short dialogs between Senkowski, Meek and Harsch in Luxembourg and Technician, Raudive, Juergenson and Klaus Schreiber on the other side were accomplished, whereby the recently departed (1988 January 7) Schreiber addressed Senkowski loudly and distinctly.

George Meek described the grand event of the picture transmission in his newsletter Unlimited Horizons as follows:

Swejen instructed us to go into the living room and use a large TV which had never been used in any previous experiments. She stated she had been preparing their equipment so that she could give us a picture of herself. We followed instructions and received the clear picture shown on the next page.

Then via radio we were instructed to be prepared to photograph the pictures which might appear shortly thereafter on the small TV that had a broken tuner and no antenna connection of any kind. Using this TV set, Swejen Salter promptly transmitted five sequences of photographs.

Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890) was a famous British scientist and explorer. He had, in recent months, been a frequent speaker via the Harsch "Burton Bridge" system. Now, via the FM radio, he explained that this first picture showed his likeness when he was a young man about 18 years old. This would have been 149 years earlier!

The next picture they projected was a zoomed photograph of the boat "Tucker" which he used in his explorations and was supposed to have used again to find the spirit group ABX Juno.

The next picture was of Edith Stein, a Jewess murdered in a German concentration camp. She became a Catholic who was declared a saint by Pope John Paul II for her selfless service before being murdered. One of the two other persons in the background of the photo was a member of Koenig's EVP group before her death in 1986.

Heli Schaefer and Victor Ries, two young people in spirit, enter the water hand in hand. Several frames later they release their hands.

The picture on the next page shows Heli Schaefer, daughter of Hildegard Schaefer, and a young man named Victor Reis, both of whom had died in recent years and whose parents live in Luxembourg and Germany.

Slow frame-by-frame playback of the video tape shows their motion (in knee-deep water they let go of their hands, get closer and hold hands again)

The explanation of the pictures was given shortly thereafter over audio contact. Also, Swejen Salter gave us the menu code for her reply to Senkowski which she had entered into the Harsch computer.

Finally, the Technician made a few comments about their mode of transmission:

These and future picture transmissions shall not take place through human channels anymore. By this change we shall avoid conflicts such as you experienced. If a higher power wants it, pictures will be sent.

During their travel Senkowski and Meek were experiencing the phenomenon of Rafaella Gremese in Italy. They became convinced of the legitimacy of the spirit pictures which this woman receives in a similar manner to Klaus Schreiber.

In Fermo they learned that Mario Rebecci had received picture transmissions successfully in 1980 but had avoided publicity. Their information gathering included other phenomena, such as a young boy who, when locked in his room as punishment for being naughty, would apparently walk through the wall of the house and go out and play with the other children.

The boy had the reputation of bending metallic articles since the age of four and shaping locked-up metal strips into patterns without touching them.

Senkowski wrote:

Mankind is in the midst of tremendous changes. Many speak of a "New Age" and point to astrological dates. Be that as it may, we live without a doubt in a world which is getting "crazier" all the time... We are looking at worldwide developments. I

t becomes increasingly clear the Christian Churches have used the message of the man Jesus, and the Christ Jesus, as a means of influence and power. Moreover, they have tied their own hands with paradoxical dogmas and, because of this and the slowness of their systems, are unable to extricate themselves from the prison of their own making.

When the TV moderator Rainer Holbe asked the Harsch couple for information and material for his program, Unbelievable Stories, Maggy and Jules Harsch insisted on keeping their name out of it. The Technician had recommended:

You should work discreetly and avoid any big publicity. Your task should be to write about your experiences. Leave the publicity to others.

The couple complains that there are not enough ITC stations with clear voice connections to answer all the questions that arise. Also, a positive, unified thinking and attitude of the researchers is missing. Harmony is important for the success of the contacts.

As all mediums and spirit communicators report, a "net" of positive energy is gradually spreading over like-minded, positive people. Even many scientists are showing spiritual inclinations when they use such terms as "morphogenetic fields."

What is involved here is a spiritual development within these people which is usually accompanied by recognition of their own mistakes and faults.

The driving force of researchers should not be curiosity and sensationalism, but a mental-spiritual search, accompanied by gratefulness and humility. Spirituality is the key to spreading this ITC net. It is necessary for building our ITC stations.

On February 28, 1988, the Technician gave a discourse about moral and ethical values in ITC. An excerpt is printed below:

Technician: We cultivate gratefulness and humility. Modest people often are enlightened and maintain a certain spiritual height. They cooperate, so that harmony can unfold in their surroundings. As you overcome your bad habits and vices and lead a just life, you can expect a spiritual reward... Everybody is given what he needs.

The Technician is speaking here about reincarnation when he says:

Possibly, the rewards for a person are so big that his next Earth life will be blessed and he continues reaping the fruits of this life. In spiritual matters however, for the individual to reach a higher step, he needs an entire human lifetime or perhaps several lifetimes.

We believe we can demand of people that they orient themselves to higher aims in life in order to become rich in spiritual values. In many cases, only after their death, when they face the divine "judges" and their higher self will they realize and regret their mistakes.

But then it is too late. People become spiritual debtors by the many injustices they commit and by all their mistakes.

Occasionally the Technician can practically intervene in happenings on Earth. During a public meeting on August 29, 1987, in Hotel Nobilis in Luxembourg one lady reported 250.DM (about US$150) as missing.

When experimenters Maggy and Jules Harsch brought this to the attention of the Technician in their next contact, he gave them the name of the dishonest person who had the money and recommended they make a phone call and suggest the money be returned immediately.

They did this and the money was indeed returned with a delay and a note asking for understanding and anonymity.

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The first simultaneous TV picture and sound is received. 

During a visit by Dr Ralf Determeyer with the Harsch couple, Konstantin Raudive announced himself on the evening of July 1, 1988:

What we are experiencing at this moment is a historical event on both sides of the veil. It is the first time that picture and sound are transmitted and received simultaneously.

I have decided to bring through a picture of myself as I look now here on this side at the banks of the river of eternity.... Dear Colleague Determeyer. You yourself have worked in an exemplary manner for coordination in the founding of a world organization.

For this transmission the Harsch couple used a black and white TV set with a defective tuner. Raudive's motionless picture could be seen on the screen for a period of 135 seconds. It showed an unmistakable similarity with Raudive's youthful photo at age 38.

Konstantin Raudive in 1947 (left) 
27 years before his death in 1974. 

Konstantin Raudive in his spirit body (right), 1988.

On July 9 in the presence of Professor Father Francois Brune and Dr Senkowski, another successful trans-audio-video experiment was carried out in Luxembourg.

The video still pictures showed a tree group on the screen frequently interrupted by a striped pattern. The Technician spoke to the participants first in German, then in French. Translation:

Fear of death is one of the most distressing concepts of human culture. It is based on the conscious belief that your bodily existence offers life and security, which it never wants to lose. Fear of death therefore is evidence of the mind having lost its roots. It shows a spiritual being who has far removed itself from its higher self.

You owe this mentality largely to an intellectual and scientific way of thinking. It wants all thoughts reduced to a comprehensible level of material existence. Heaven IS in man and those who HAVE HEAVEN within themselves GO to heaven.

Heaven is in ALL those who recognize what is of God and let themselves be guided by the Divine. The priority and basic concern of every religion has ALWAYS been the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of God!

The realization of an ITC world organization recommended by Technician would be difficult to achieve.

You are surrounded by forces. There are helpers whose support you could seek, and you could put yourself under their protection. Know at all times: I am with you always.

The French explanations referred to today's church and continuing life. At this experiment an auxiliary field was established with the help of two mercury-vapor lamps.

At first Raudive announced the combined video-audio experiment on the computer while hinting of the considerable difficulty of lining up time and while giving details of the intended action.

During the Technician's address a striped screen pattern could be seen followed by ten picture sequences showing clusters of trees. A continuous screen projection seemed impossible. Clearly audible clicking switch impulses limited the audio portion which could be heard directly from the loudspeaker of the small television set.

During a visit by Father Brune and two French journalists on September 24, 1988 another successful combination audio/video experiment took place. The picture showed Swejen Salter in the foreground of the spirit laboratory.


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Chapter Four
What we experience ourselves impresses us the most.
by Dr Theo Locher

In order to get to know the ITC phenomenon better I traveled to Luxembourg again on August 26, 1988. Maggy Harsch on this day received one of the many paranormal telephone calls from the communication station in the spirit world.

An announcement was made that around 8 p.m. Earth time a contact would be attempted in my presence. The Harsch couple and I entered the experimentation room before that time and I noticed that the screen of the small black and white TV set would not light up, nor could it be tuned to different channels.

Neither TV screen nor loudspeaker were functioning. The set was plugged in but had no antenna connection.

At 8:22 p.m. the TV screen lit up and we saw a picture of a group of trees for approximately 2 mins. 40 sec. At the same time we heard the well-known, chopped and synthesized voice of the Technician clearly from the TV loudspeaker.

He spoke about three phases of development of ITC contacts. At the conclusion Dr Raudive briefly greeted us and finished the contact. The phenomenon was genuine and convincing for two reasons: 1) the Technician and Raudive called me by name, and 2) the defective TV set was made to work.

We already described the equipment combination of the Burton Bridge. The Harsch team records every pre-announced TV projection with a video camera and this session was no different. Following is the text of the recorded audio portion:

Technician: (garbled) 
... in the month of November
. This phase was to tell the public that the phenomena of the voices (EVP, or electronic voic phenomenon), or Raudive voices, really exist and are not manipulations.

This first phase was channeled through the human psyche. Four people had been called together and have since separated again. The second phase is to show that ITC continues development and is not ... (interruption) ... Can you still hear me? (Yes!) And is not disappearing because people do not believe enough in it anymore.

The third phase will largely depend on whether researchers and experimenters scattered all over the world will achieve a spiritual unity. Only then can the equipment provide a link to our spheres without going through the human psyche.

Locher is particularly called to work for this unity. We will continue a few contacts through the Burton Bridge and will let you know when phase two is definitely concluded. Can you still hear me? I shall pass this on for a few more words.

A strong interference noise sets in. In the background we hear the voice of Dr Konstantin Raudive:

Dear friends, dear Colleague Locher.... (contact breaks off) Technician: End of contact!

The Harsch couple had left a text on the computer screen in the experimental room because they had noticed that such computer texts on occasion are paranormally changed. I was the last one to leave the room.

The doors were left open. In the adjacent room a discussion developed. I voiced my doubt about the existence of material parallel worlds. When we went back in the experimental room, I was the first one to enter, we noticed an addition to the computer text on the screen. On the upper right was written "LO". Further text when brought out on the screen said:

Good day, Dr Locher. (In spite of your disbelief,) there still are parallel worlds! Swejen Salter.

To read about this event or to ponder on it is one thing; to experience it is another! The immediate experience to have been in contact with spiritual beings is hard to assimilate.

Interest in ITC is growing. This was proven by the ITC meeting in Darmstadt, Germany, on October 1-2, 1988, which was attended by over 500 people. The organizers of this event were Hildegard Schaefer, Dr Ralf Determeyer and Jochen Fornoff.

Much new information was offered by Determeyer, Ernst Senkowski, Martin Wenzel, Fornoff and Maggy and Jules Harsch. (see the chapter about the Harsch couple's experiences in ITC). The meeting was well arranged and fostered a feeling of unity. There was an opportunity for personal contacts which is essential for spiritual unification. The two days were a big experience for the participants.

On October 4, 1988, Swejen Salter again emphasized the importance of the right attitude of experimenters. During the Darmstadt meeting she commented:

We succeeded in measuring the thought vibrations of those present, which at a certain point were particularly unified. We shall build up further contacts on these vibrations.

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Chapter Five
ITC as a personal experience
by Maggy Harsch-Fischbach

Of the many effects of ITC contacts, our own personal changes are among the most profound to us. Specifically, our contacts increase our awareness of life after death and add to our spiritual growth and understanding.

There are other communication stations besides Group Timestream who are trying to establish contact with Earth. Such a group is ABX Juno. Unfortunately, the link between this station and the earthside receiver group in Darmstadt, Germany, was broken in the early phase of development.

This report is only based on the experiences of individual spirit beings. To obtain a more complete picture in the future, several spirit groups are needed who are able to communicate with Earth groups through ITC. Their messages are only to be used when they are clear and intelligible to experimenters and other participants.

To help us with the concept of different planes of spirit, the Technician referred us to the descriptions by Frederic Myers. As recipients of spirit information, CETL, like many other groups, is searching for new knowledge. Some of the information we receive on audiotape has to be written out before passing it on.

Not everything gets recorded on cassettes, often because our spirit colleagues request it that way. The spirit speakers sometimes quote esoteric books and mediumistic writings to remind us that spirit messages have been received by Earth people throughout the ages. Quoting them again may also be considered as confirmation!

The Technician made the request:

Write down what I tell you. Pass it on to the people. Use your own words to explain our plan to anyone who is interested!

The Technician urged us to look at life after death with a less biased view. As long as people cling to the beliefs of their forefathers and are unable to discuss the subject with an open mind, he said they are still in a kindergarten, spiritually speaking.

When we decided to follow the Technician we had to be ready to change our view of life.

Anyone seeking the light may not rely solely on handed-down practices and dogmas of a religion.

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The Technician welcomed the human readiness for prayer and the following of religious guidelines but questioned prayer's usefulness if it does not come from the heart.

It is not religion which leads man to the Light but what man can learn with the help of religion. Many during their lifetime followed the instructions of their churches but could not "find God" after death.

Others have crossed the threshold to the planes of Light without help from religion. Everything depends on what man does with the help that is offered him. Religions should serve man as guideposts. Higher beings who incarnate on Earth -- Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and others -- are teachers of mankind, Light bearers on the paths of darkness. Any religion is good if it helps man to progress spiritually.

When we became interested in ITC the question of reincarnation was not unknown to us. Literature on the subject has provided much insight during the last few years but always left the subject open for a critical reader. Nothing convinced us one way or another.

Our talks with the Technician were different. One's belief in him includes the belief in what he says. To be sure, he always gave us the freedom to accept or reject his statements. But the closer we got to know him and the more intimately we became aware of his sincerity, the more difficult it became to reject his advice.

The way to the Light leads us to analyze our reasons for rejection and can lead us to strange conclusions. For instance, the concept of angels. The faithful Christian likes to believe in angels and other high beings. However, should he be confronted with them, his reaction is strange.

He turns away disappointedly when the angel behaves too much like a human being, or runs away altogether when he finds out that angels are very different from human beings. How much "alike" or "different" can the spirit world really be before human apprehensions set in?

You may not like it. It is as I have told you: Reincarnation exists. There ARE parallel worlds! Mankind evolves in a forever moving wheel of life. Some have arrived at a point of development that allows them a better understanding. Reincarnation means progression forward, not backward.

Animals too are subject to the cycle of incarnation. A human being does not reincarnate in an animal body. Important Earth personalities are being born again as simple people if they used their previous life only to exploit others. There is a purpose for sickness and infirmity. Do not judge the fate of other people.

If we feel it is important enough to let you know why some people are being tested this way, we will do so. It is only appropriate to advise and help some people, while others do not want to be helped as you have already found out yourself. Many of those individuals have selected a life of suffering for their incarnation.

We therefore refuse to ask questions about people's karma. Knowing about individual incarnations, our own or those of others, does not serve the purpose of progression and cannot be of use to us.

We could not immediately agree with everything the Technician said. In such situations he convinced us more by his attitude which was one of understanding, patience and a kindness filled with humor. In stubborn cases he reacted silently and asked us to think about what he said. When he speaks, we realize how unimportant human objections can be and how quickly they can be silenced.

It is no coincidence that the experimenter has to cope with the same difficulty of acceptance that is common to everyone. Perhaps we ought to let outsiders know that we are no different than they are. We are human, with faults and qualities, with advantages and disadvantages. But we are able to overcome some of that, regardless of who we are and what we believe, in order to develop an unknown side of ourselves.

Do not worry why you do things that you cannot or must not prove in a rational manner. Some things cannot be explained, just like the butterfly cannot explain rationally why it flies from flower to flower.

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Can we understand the plan of a higher power? 

The communication bridge was secured and improved in 1988 and expanded by numerous telephone contacts. After so many voice contacts we had no more doubt that the efforts of both sides were guided by higher authorities.

ITC is supported by unknown powers with the aim of encouraging positive thinking and actions among mankind. The mysterious power which is described in various ways by the other side aroused our curiosity. We learned that life forms such as higher nonhuman beings are far removed from us.

They are different from us. According to the Technician many of these beings are not interested in us and not informed about our way of life. And yet, all living beings on Earth are connected with them. No matter how many different forms of life exist in the cosmos, they are all part of a whole.

Higher beings manifest in many different life forms: In human form, as angels, Light beings or other forms of Light. Help is being given to humans by higher entities in certain cases, but not the kind of help we would envision. Entities encourage some humans on this side as well as the other side of the veil.

During the first voice contact in 1986, Dr Konstantin Raudive revealed that we are dependent on the intercession of so-called counselors on the other side. The counselors often are those who were close to us, loved us and have passed on into spirit. It assumes, however, that they are aware of the existence of higher beings and are traveling the path to the Light.

The Bible already mentions that God is using man as His tool in executing the Divine Plan of Creation. The message of a higher power is decoded, so to speak, by spirit beings, translated into human speech to make it more understandable for us.

Important: When man cannot continue by himself, higher beings intervene. We have observed such intervention when voice contacts were possible without any power connections to lines or batteries. Another form of intervention, less dramatic but not to be overlooked, is the positive influence of higher beings on some people in such forms as inspiration, enthusiasm and peace of mind.

Man can open himself to positive as well as negative power. Dealing with the supernatural can therefore help one person while it may do damage to another. To be able to understand and advise us, nonhuman entities adapt themselves to other life forms and occasionally accept incarnation to live among us.

The Technician adapted himself to the life conditions of group Timestream and showed himself as a human being. However, when he manifests himself in this manner, he is only a part of his real self. As a super human being he has access to the sixth (celestial) level, as he has stated. This is the area of Light.

Direct communication with beings on level three (mid-astral) and to our physical level is impossible from that area. The Technician can only contact humans when he takes on human form in the astral planes.

The same is true of those higher beings who have incarnated on Earth. As they adopt a human body, only part of their total self has incarnated. They become subject to all the limitations of the body, such as weakness and sickness.

They are distinguished by their inner strength, wisdom and strong will, but sometimes they also exhibit sensitivity and obstinacy. These beings stand out from an idle apathetic mass of people. They are sometimes misunderstood and usually go about doing good. If they have not withdrawn from others they usually spread happiness and harmony by the strength of their abilities and talents.

These beings incarnating on Earth are not always active among religious groups of people. Quite the contrary, they are sometimes to be found where you would least expect them. They accept humanity where others suppress it.

Their speech is the language of our day but their message remains the same. They are quite exuberant in showing their feelings to others and risk being misunderstood. The Bible tells us Jesus chose death to show his love to mankind.

The love of higher beings for man distinguishes their thinking and behavior. Being only part of their real self in incarnation, they tirelessly try to bring together all aspects of their being.

Important: Dear reader, please do not misunderstand my simple attempts to explain the personality of the Technician and the messages he is giving us. Though we may feel a kinship to higher beings and are attracted to them, it does not mean ITC researchers are incarnated as higher beings.

The other side tells us there are many beings with many forms of life. Each is important in its own way.

Particular attention is being given to the human progression. Each step brings us closer to beings from higher levels. In our incarnations, we too are only part of what we are destined to be. Some people know and feel with whom they can form a whole, such as experienced in soul relationships.

If soul-related humans establish a spiritual accord, much good can be done by them, and others can be motivated, provided they are ready to learn from one another. As always, spiritual laws have to be observed.

Being together is not necessary but the working together of all portions, and the activity of each portion at the place on Earth to which it was assigned, will at one time close a circle in eternity. When spiritually evolved people pass on, they cannot "skip" a plane on the other side, though they may be honored as saints here.

How is life on the mid astral planes for members of spirit group Timestream? The inhabitants of the third plane are people like us with a body much like the one they had on Earth, except this body is much more ethereal and is formed under different physical and cosmic conditions.

A person continues life on the third human level after bodily death, as described by Frederick Myers. This is corroborated by our invisible colleagues.

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These are among the first speakers for Group Timestream:

Dozens of other persons, known or unknown to the experimenters during their physical life, participated on this ITC project in the early years. They include Jean Eberhard, Vicky Reis, Heli Schaefer, Frank Blehle, Edith Stein, Margret Mackes, Andy and Marie Jakubowski, Mich Fischbach, J.P. Scherer. and many others.

The combination of knowledge, experience, harmonious cooperation and unified thinking of these people releases great energies which have a noticeable effect on the contacts.

The Burton Bridge comprises voice contacts via radio and TV, telephone dialogs, computer texts and video pictures. The following report is a selection of information given to us via the Burton Bridge.

We have a body like yours. It consists of finer matter and faster vibration than your dense, coarse material world. There is no sickness here. Missing limbs regenerate. Bodies that are disfigured on Earth become perfect here.

We live in comfortably furnished houses. The countryside is very beautiful. The average age of people here is 25-30 years. Persons who die of old age on Earth wake up here after a regenerating sleep. This sleep lasts approximately six weeks of Earth time. With some persons it may be less.

Children who arrive on the third level are lovingly cared for by their relatives who already reside here. The children grow and develop until they have reached the average age of 25-30 years. We live together here with other life forms, with dwarfs, giants and gnomes, with formless beings and with humans who before their death inhabited other planets.

Approximately 60 billion humanoids gather together here from many existing worlds. Friendships and partnerships continue to be nourished. Sexuality is not rejected, being part of the human nature, provided both partners harmonize and wish it.

Animals too, continue to live in the third level after their bodily death. They lack nothing and are being cared for by animal-loving humans. We eat and drink like you do. Our nourishment is "synthetic", i.e. we materialize earthly food, so to speak. The meat, which some people still like, is only a reproduction of real matter.

No animal has to die for another living being. Species of animals live here which are unknown on Earth. For instance, paradise-like birds and very colorful butterflies. The temperature is very mild. Personality and character of human arrivals are not changed by the process of dying.

Neither do they awaken here all-knowing, but there is plenty of opportunity to learn. Psychic problems and conflicts have not been abolished yet on this plane.

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The third (mid-astral) plane. 

for us is located on a planet we call Marduk. Marduk is separated from Earth by time and space and cannot be located in the Earth's solar system. Marduk has three suns. The planet is orbiting one sun and is being illuminated by the other two.

It is never totally dark. The circumference of Marduk is calculated to be approximately 127,000 km (76,000 miles). The planet's moon is larger than the Earth's moon. A single large river flows across the entire planet. The deepest spot in the river is 1,700 meters (a little over 1 mile).

The widest spot is 3,700 meters (2.22 miles). The third spirit plane (mid-astral) is a product of the human mind. Nevertheless, it is as much a reality as is the planet Earth. People whose ideas and conceptions agree with each other come together here in groups and form one unity.

This unity is the stepping stone to the fourth dimension. After crossing into the fourth (higher astral) dimension the human being is relieved of the laws of reincarnation.

To establish this contact with you we have to get close to your world and adapt ourselves as much as possible. The members of Timestream are already approaching the border lines of higher consciousness.

We were given insight into the fourth plane. Only the thought of the task I had to finish helped me to tear myself away and return to the ITC station on the third level. The progress we have made could be useful to you.

Excerpts from computer text written by Swejen Salter at the end of December 1987:

The River of Eternity stretches out approximately 100 million kilometers (60 million miles). Along its banks live those who were once living on Earth. There are animals here. Vegetation varies from algae to mammoth trees. Many buildings are made of wood. Some people or animals wake up here reborn, so to speak.

This was the case with K. Others like the one you call Margret Mackes come to us as old people and turn young again after the regenerating sleep. Why there are such differences, we do not know. At the end of the growth or rejuvenation process most people will be 25-30 years old.

Animals will be at an age of vitality and well being, since ethical factors are not involved here. Damaged tissue or broken bones regenerate just like wounds heal in your world but much more perfect. Lost limbs will regrow. The blind will see again, and so on.

The color of your hair and skin cannot be changed and will be the same as it was during your Earth life. Here in the river world, beings arrive from all levels of life. Gnomes and giants live together with formless beings and the former human inhabitants of planet Earth. Doubles who were joined but lived on parallel worlds do not live together at the same area of the river.

I have only been here two months of your time since I died in my world varid as a result of an accident in connection with the great difficulties and shake-up during the fighting between light and dark. (Computer text, December 20, 1987.)

The following is a computer text by Swejen Salter addressed to Professor Senkowski and others of interest. The first four lines are typed out exactly as they were received by the computer:


   (written in German and in one row)

Swejen Salter often complains that she is missing the cooperation of scientists on their side. In summer 1988 she embarked by ship together with Richard F. Burton on a research expedition of planet Marduk.

The description of their travels, given over radio and telephone, reads like a science fiction story. It really stretches our imagination about anything we know about the other side of the veil. To emphasize the authenticity of the description, video pictures were transmitted over our defective TV set.

The time of picture reception was announced in advance. One purpose of the Salter-Burton expedition was to find deceased Earth scientists with interest and willingness to assist in ITC development. Several promised their cooperation.

Among them are Marie Curie and Dr Albert Einstein. Some scientists were not interested. Among them is Alexander Graham Bell the inventor of the telephone. Bell declined getting involved again in his former technical activities.

I regret his refusal. Mr. Bell could have been of great help in improving our telephone contacts.

The video pictures we received showed landscapes of the third plane, the River of Eternity and the ship used by Swejen Salter and Richard Burton for their trip. The ship was built by members of group Timestream and according to Swejen Salter was named Thrakka. (She spelled the name for us.)

Swejen often shows herself as a capable scientist. At the same time she is a simple, modest person willing to help others with her talents. At times she finds it difficult to keep information to herself that she is not allowed to reveal yet.

Swejen Salter: 
Unfortunately I cannot and may not answer all your questions. Do not forget that I have to get permission for some of this information from higher beings.

Swejen Salter is being granted much freedom of information!

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Spirit project leader Swejen Salter's background and transition.

In one of her early computer messages to me, Swejen Salter wrote:

I died at the age of 38 as the result of an accident. Death came suddenly and unexpectedly. I was totally unprepared and cannot remember my passing over. I awoke on a recliner in a cheerfully decorated room that I had never seen before.

Before I could have a closer look around, a tall, imposing man entered the room and identified himself as Richard Francis Burton. He welcomed me and started showing me the world in which he had lived since the year 1890 of your Earth time.

I felt happy and safe here. Everybody was friendly and helpful. Still, the change was difficult. It is not easy to adapt to a new life when one is torn away from a daily routine.

Although Swejen Salter knew about life after death and did not miss her previous world, she had difficulties adjusting at first. She compared it to moving to an unknown foreign country where life can be nice and pleasant but still requires adjustment to the new living conditions.

It is more difficult on the third level to avoid spiritual laws.

Swejen: If you harbor bad intentions and thoughts you will not be here very long.

She made it clear many times that in this world you cannot push aside feelings and inclinations. Wishes cannot be suppressed anymore. Many of those who fight this are left with reincarnation. They return to the circle of people who reject all new knowledge.

Here is what Konstantin Raudive had to say about this on July 26, 1986:

On the third level of consciousness each of us individually will find ourself closer to our own true self. While on Earth I tried to be something other than my true self. Most people try to paint a picture of themselves other than what they really are. Today, on this world, I acknowledge my own true self more.

In the Bible Jesus tells us that the innocence and openness of children brings us closer to His kingdom than the hypocrisy of grown-ups.

Most people on Earth will be qualified for residence on the third spirit level (mid astral level) when they pass over. Unfortunately, it will be difficult for many of them to adapt, especially if they did not come to grips with the subject of life after death, or rejected it outright.

Also, if they suppressed their feelings, desires and talents and led a material life that only served material aims. Some victims of wars and of crimes do not immediately find their way in the new world. Not everyone will be aware of their "passing over."

They desperately go about searching for relatives. Their thoughts and their imagination are responsible for the shaping of their afterlife. The murder victim takes fear and the terror of his death with him. The thoughts of the soldier are fixed on battle and the struggle for survival.

His psyche has pushed aside the sense of aesthetics and peaceful existence. Fear and destruction have taken its place. His awakening on the other side will introduce him to the world of his thoughts, a world that will become a horrible reality.

At this point, some skeptics might say: "Why bother with the problems of transition of someone else? We each have to be responsible for ourself. True, survival is a fact, but it is still the personal problem of the dying to face death themselves. New medical knowledge can make death easier, can reduce the pain and can even prolong life. What comes afterwards is not our human responsibility any more."

It is at this point that our communication partners remind us again of God's divine plan. The Technician reported that beings on the third level are given the task to search for those who are still confused and have not found their place yet.

Many such "lost souls" are trapped by their thoughts and beliefs on the second (lower astral) level, and redemption, or rescue work, is a widespread "job." Many voice researchers have long understood that this rescue work begins during physical life and may be one hidden purpose of ITC. Man has to return to the true self.

Man has to be told where he belongs at the end of his life and learn not to fight it. Those who know have to inform the ignorant. The responsible voice experimenter cannot turn a deaf ear to the calls for help that manifest occasionally via the microphone. There is always the possibility that the caller cannot find the way in this new environment. These calls reach us as electromagnetic vibrations.

Nobody has proven the opposite yet. Neither has anyone provided absolute "proof" that this theory is real, although this may be remedied soon. Denying such a proof will not pacify the consciousness of those who feel responsible for humanity and love of their neighbor.

Cliches such as "Love one another" and "Be as one" also include that we answer the questions of the dying who want to know what happens when they pass over.

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Chapter Six
The need for greater cooperation and a worldwide organization
by Maggy Harsch-Fischbach

Our first three years of contacts with Group Timestream were mainly development phases. They proved that direct technical contacts are possible. 

ITC experimenters
Jules and Maggy Harsch

The 1990s are a decade of refinement -- both technical and spiritual -- as we learn what our spirit colleagues hope to achieve with ITC, what they expect of us as ITC experimenters and as human beings.

When we look back to the events that have unfolded since 1988 we can be satisfied. Researchers and earthside experimenters may ask themselves how it will continue.

As of 1994, the contacts in Luxembourg still depend on cooperation between my husband an myself. They do not depend on our psyche anymore. This constraint of voice reception on certain people and their home will be expanded to other people and other locations.

Already Timestream and its sister spirit organizations Centrale and Cloverleaf, have built new ITC bridges to Germany, the US, Brazil, Sweden, China and Japan. More are being built each year.

This does not mean our co-workers can immediately get similar voice contacts in their homes. Expansion means merely the moving of voice contacts from a small circle to a larger research circle. Participating persons are in touch with the new equipment. In other words, they are contributing to the new system mentally, spiritually and physically.

Witnesses of public ESB contacts in the past may object that large-scale experiments (before approximately 100 people) have already proven possible. This is correct. We have even established ESB contacts at a distance of 300 KM (181 miles) from our equipment!

But the equipment was dependent on the experimenter. In other words, their psyches and energies were used by the other side to build up a contact. The earthside receivers were tied either consciously or unconsciously into a circuit of spirit energies. All other participants were passive listeners.

Now is the time for experimenters around the world to come together under the statement delivered to us across GAII by Konstantin Raudive in the summer of 1994 while we hosted three guests from the USA -- Mark Macy, Juliet Hollister and Alison van Dyk:

It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure.

This statement from Timestream provides a strong foundation for experimenters in all countries today who wish to cooperate in the unfoldment of ITC on Earth in the coming years.

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Chapter Seven:
Telephone and computer contacts become routine events.

by Theo Locher and Maggy Harsch-Fischbach

During a paranormal phone conversation with Maggy Harsch on May 19, 1989, Swejen Salter casually asked what time it was on earth, and continued:

How are you. Today I have the chance to talk to you a little longer. We can chat about anything that is on your mind. I'll answer the questions about the new equipment in my next computer printout.

That conversation lasting many minutes might have been a friendly chat between girl friends who are catching up on things they are both interested in. Maggy Harsch once remarked that sometimes she simply is not in the mood to talk to a spirit being.

There still seems to exist the danger of low-level beings interfering with the activities and transmissions of higher, well meaning spirits groups. In some cases they may even become impostors of audible and visual material transmitted to earth.

There was the case of a black and white picture that was supposed to show a spirit object, but was identified as a beautiful, computer-created "Mandelbrot set of fractals" shown on the pages of the German publication Esotera (in full color).

Another picture received in January 1989 was described by Raudive as a spirit multipurpose apparatus but was identical to a micro photograph of a crystal structure found on the cover of a British book. Was Raudive's explanation in error? One of Raudive's discourses was found to be identical to existing earthside literature! A case of plagiarism?

Perhaps Swejen Salter had this in mind when on May 19, 1989, she said:

I was very busy trying to avert negative influences. I am therefore avoiding contacts at present which could contribute to interference.

However, the examples she mentioned had nothing to do with the above mentioned cases.

Until one has grown accustomed to the types of information we receive in ITC contacts, some accounts by Swejen Salter are hard to accept by any stretch of the imagination. The following report came during a telephone contact describing the spirit arrival of the well-known naturalist Konrad Lorenz:

He (Lorenz) was transported to us in a magnificent ship surrounded by people. Imagine a viking ship in which his (astral) body was brought to his destination. He is still in a state of sleep.

But it can already be observed that his features and his body are changing and becoming more youthful. Lorenz will probably remain in this regenerative sleep for only a short time. The sleep duration varies from one individual to another. It is generally about six weeks of earth time. Some people need considerably less.

Konrad Lorenz joined group Timestream and so did Carl Gustav Jung, according to Swejen Salter.

The conditions at research group Timestream seem to be very earth-like. Swejen is in a sound-proof room in the lab and, looking out her window, sees some animals on the grass outside. Her companion Sir Richard Francis Burton is taking care of horses and dogs.

Swejen explains that Marie Curie is presently working on another floor of the research building "Co-Zeit" (Co-Time). Although Madame Curie resides on a different level of spirit from the main Timestream spirit group, it is interesting that Swejen does not say "on another plane" or "in another dimension," but on the upper floor of the building.

Apparently several levels of reality converge at the Timestream sending station in what researchers are calling a "dispassing point," which is to say a point at which dimensions cross.

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A scientist from another planet is waiting for Swejen to get finished and release the apparatus. The research building is located on the third spirit plane. Increasingly, people work there who are interested in contacting earth.

Swejen Salter predicted that other earth experimenters will make future contacts to other spirit groups led by Tesla, Marconi, Curie and Einstein. These spirit groups can then exchange experiences.

ITC experiments foster the development of mediumship, according to Jean Mohnen and Hans Peter Paulssen who are themselves mediums. Swejen Salter confirmed this one day by telling Maggy:

As you have noticed, you can now receive messages from us mediumistically.

Our spiritual connection promotes contacts without any technical help. The Harsch couple concurs that many messages also get through to them by telepathic and nontechnical means. Their statement is significant: "The unfolding of the inner voice increases not only the connection to the spirit world, it also makes us aware of the reasons for our behavior and our reactions."

Swejen remarked at one point that someday the people who hear inner voices will not be locked up in psychiatric wards anymore. ITC in this respect will help much through enlightenment. On one occasion Swejen told Maggy:

We have developed you into a medium and made it possible for you to receive text telepathically as you already noticed. The spiritual relationship with Lorenz promotes the reception of telepathic messages.

Ten days later the phone rang. It was Swejen. After the introduction she cleared the line for someone else. At first very low, then at increasingly louder volume, Maggy heard:

This is Konrad Lorenz speaking.

In comparison to others who had been unable to express themselves in their lifetime speech pattern anymore, Lorenz seemed to have no problems to put his thoughts through a spirit apparatus and form them into human language.

Maggy recalled, "The voice gradually lost the monotony of synthetic speech. Dialog became possible and I forgot that I was speaking to a "dead" one. I noticed that Lorenz rolled his "r" and spoke with an Austrian accent. He was very friendly, advised me to take notes and spoke slowly and distinctly. He thanked me for the nice report I had written about him."

New spirit research groups have formed since the inception of Timestream, including groups Central (or group Thomas) and group Trefoil (Cloverleaf). Lorenz regrets that the development of new groups is sometimes hampered by too many individual desires of the heart.

He commented that the group Central and earth receiving station Rivenich (near Trier, Germany) of Homes and Malkhoff were in the process of early development. The new earth groups have meanwhile also received direct radio voices and computer messages just like the Harsch couple.

The teaming up of spirit groups Timestream and Central and earth stations Luxembourg and Rivenich will definitely be boosting contacts in the opinion of Lorenz. The fundamental conditions for mutual cooperation and experimentation exist.

During the conversation between Maggy Harsch and Konrad Lorenz, Swejen had her hands full with technical details. Two minutes after the contact ended Maggy wanted to phone a relative and was very surprised to get Swejen on the phone again. There was no ring. Swejen explained that she had not yet switched off their communication equipment. She added, with a smile in her voice:

Now to whom can you talk about this. Such things are not supposed to be possible!

Maggy Harsch wrote in her short report: "It is important for human groups on both sides to maintain certain contact times. Everything we receive by way of TC contacts is planned by a higher order."

We do not fully understand the laws of the other side. The difficulty of understanding the laws of the spirit world is pointed out in a computer text of Swejen Salter dated June 15, 1989. She states that their transmitted pictures would only depict what can also be found on earth. Otherwise, we would not recognize it at all. She writes further:

Our universe is different from yours and we can only show you a depiction of things that occur in our world. In this manner we can teach you how you would see it if you were on our side.

It was astonishing that she took up the issue of suspicion and mistrust and mentions Martin Wenzel and Theo Locher by name. Her explanations on how to gain the necessary chemical energies for the contact, in answer to a question from the physicist Burkhard Heim, are not understandable by us.

She said she realizes that we can do little with her chemical and nuclear physical explanations. She speaks of a being to whom she is connected who can live in an atmosphere of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and ammonia atmosphere.

A planet of a certain mass and temperature is almost always rich in water and has either a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere (like on earth) or an atmosphere of nitrogen or carbon dioxide. In the latter case life on that planet can only be primitive.

Swejen then referred to the legitimacy of the picture of the former movie star Romy Schneider which Klaus Schreiber received. Romy bids goodby and thanks all those whose manual and intellectual efforts help TC. Over the telephone both women (Maggy and Swejen) always speak in the Luxembourg language.

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The first Swiss ITC conference. 

took place September 9, 1989, in Bern, and was sponsored by the Swiss Association for Parapsychology. The main speakers were Professor Dr Arthur Hoffmann and Professor Senkowski from Germany, Jules and Maggy Harsch from Luxembourg and the author. Senkowski spoke about four problems which probably have to be solved by the beings who are contacting us.

1. An alien consciousness will have to adjust himself to the extent of our understanding which is depending on and limited by earth. Concepts here and there are different.

2. Each physical event can be marked as a four-dimensional point in space and time. In this model of conception the series of events becomes a world (time) line. The flow of a group of events becomes a bundle of these lines.

There exists a problem, however. A spirit being will first have to localize us in our own space-time dynamics. This is made more difficult through our own free will and choice. What are we going to do and when and where?

3. The acceleration of the flow of time seems to be different here and there. A synchronizing becomes necessary. Perhaps that is why the names Timestream and CO-TIME were selected.

4. Finally, the other side will have to produce physical effects in our space-time "which can be perceived with our senses," Senkowski says. "Independent from the type and extent of participating psycho-physiological components of the earthside experimenters, the physical effects can be shown as a product of time multiplied by energy.

At least one of the components has to be manipulated. In practice this is probably not a transfer of energy in the usual physical sense.

The latest models of thought in physics make possible an explanation of ITC, but the psychobiophysical mutual effects are unknown to us. Our universities do not have teaching chairs for mutual effects of the psychic, the biological and the physical. Our culture has almost totally neglected research in this field.

As for synchronizing different speeds of time flow, Swejen Salter said the following:

I do not know yet if a contact attempt is possible in Basel. It is too early to tell. At present the timelines are not favorable....

How important the psychic component is for successful contact can be seen from the following statement by Swejen Salter:

Conditions are especially good for a contact in Bad Muenstereifel (the site for annual itc meetings). At the moment they are better than for Basel (annual PSI Days sponsored by SVPP). Many good and serious researchers will be going to Bad Muenstereifel.

The participants are able to build a favorable contact field with which we can work. There is a general feeling of responsibility, and to quote Konstantin Raudive: "Otherwise we would hardly make such efforts to reach you."

The equipment to be used at Bad Muenstereifel was called "Light Bridge" by Swejen Salter. Her phone call to Maggy gives us an idea about the extent of their efforts for successful contact:

I shall try to adjust through you to the light bridge. Ask your co-workers for video pictures of the equipment! I shall attempt to enjoin the participants positively in their thoughts. At the time of contact seven higher beings will be present in the hall.

One of them is in contact with the medium Mr Zoennchen. Another being is guiding the contactsd of the Group Homes/Malkhoff in Rivenich... The Technician, too, is one of the seven entities. They are depending on the harmonic cooperation of all humans. Their main technical sources of help will be the Light.

The pure thoughts and intentions of the participants seems to contribute strongly to a positive field. Some of Swejen's technical instructions are hard to understand, such as:

While you make the introduction I shall try to orient you by your voice. During the experiment all doors should remain closed. Ask the audience not to use any photo flashes. There is a danger that the energy field may collapse. Regular picture taking or audio and video recording are allowed.

After the successful spirit contact in Bad Muenstereifel, Swejen commented to Maggy about it in a telephone conversation:

We have made the same efforts that you made in your cooperation.... The harmony was great and contributed very much to accomplishing the contact. There was joy and satisfaction but also confusion.

There was tension and stress while operating the equipment. A total of 57 transmission attempts through space and time were made! Only two arrived, one of them distorted, the other one was clearer. We do not know the exact outcome and hope at least a few sentences could be understood.

Heli Schaefer on our side tried to harmonize the spirit groups involved. We had a few complaints about some technical steps on your side which proved more of a handicap than a help. Do not forget the people here have only one thing ahead of you:

They have crossed the threshold of eternity, while otherwise they are still very much like they were on earth. Some of them feel too much is expected of them during this period of bridge-building. Of course we do not suffer from exhaustion as you do, but we know the feeling of not getting any rest because so much remains to be done. Conclusion.

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For decades the departed have made themselves seen and heard.

ITC, the subject of this book, contributes to the evolution and expansion of mankind's view on eternal life. It provides "hard evidence" of life after death and makes an easy distribution of spirit voices and pictures by electronic means possible, as well as the easy copying of computer micro disks.

Such means of distribution did not exist for earlier accounts of visible and audible spirit phenomena. However, when looked at objectively, physical mediumship was much more of a "knock-out."

Let's look at this more closely: Only a small group of people could observe the flowing of a gray/white sticky substance called ectoplasm in the form of cords, threads, cloth-like veils or small cloud forms! Fingers, hands. small or even normal size faces formed and could be captured by photography.

From the constantly moving "fog" or "cloud" of ectoplasm entire human figures formed, including the distinctly recognizable faces of dead relatives! In some instances these figures not only appeared, but walked about, let those present shake their hands and carried on conversations with them.

The living relatives, while in tears, hugged their loved one who was standing before them fully materialized! They cut a lock of hair and pieces of their garment (as evidence). Physicians who were present examined the pulse, heartbeat, breath and the pupils of their eyes!

The disappearance of the materialization was more like a dissolving or melting. In many cases the participants in these sessions could observe the medium in trance as well as the materialized spirit being at the same time. Numerous photos give testimony to these experiments but much of it has been forgotten.

To name only some of the most important scientific investigations: There are the experiments of Professor Dr William Crooks, the President of the then famous Society for Psychical Research, London.

The medium Florence Cook whom he critically examined and for many years took care of, fully materialized a being called Katie KING who appeared for a period of three years. In many sessions she had various exchanges and conversations with the sitters.

The phenomena of the medium Elisabeth d'Esperance also were very convincing. Especially her apports, the rapid paranormal growth of plants and the true-to-life, full-size materializations who moved and spoke.

Many materializations of the dead were daylight manifestations which for years occurred during the sessions of Carlos Mirabelli in Rio de Janeiro and Santos. Numerous scientists have examined this exceptionally strong medium under strict and controlled conditions, whereby Carlos spoke and wrote fluently in over 20 languages (unknown to the medium).

The medium Einer Nielsen of Copenhagen, for 47 years made himself available for sessions during which a total of 17,000 materializations occurred. Many photos show the flow of ectoplasm and many materialized figures (the author uses the term "phantom figure").

A long line of mediums and researchers should be mentioned here. Many of them were slandered by scientists for whom such phenomena simply could not exist. There was no lack of ridiculous theories. It is to the merits of men like Dr Albert von Schrenck-Notzing, Dr Hans Gerloff and today especially Professor Dr Werner Schiebeler, Ravensburg, Germany that this early research is rescued by publications.

We are referring especially to three books by Schiebeler (not translated) which recently appeared at the esoteric publisher Silberschnur (silver cord) in Melsbach/Neuwied, Germany.

The appearance of departed beings brought much comfort to those who were left behind. It also taught some precious ethical lessons and greatly expands the views on life after death of the few who were witness to these apparitions.

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Will people's views and attitudes change?

The phenomena described in this booklet are clear evidence for a life after physical death. This is true at least of the many recorded telephone conversations and for the messages given through computers and video equipment. To deny this is to ignore the many facts.

Surely, this is only a partial account of TC. Other experimenting groups in other countries have experienced phenomena which for good reasons they do not want to make public. Much goes on in obscurity.

This booklet does not contain all developments in the field of ITC nor does it describe all existing phenomena. (Two additional means of transmission have been used since this was written: computer picture scanning, or bit mapping, and FAX transmissions).

More important than the various ways of transmitting spirit messages, is the ethical and moral content of these messages. How much and how far they can influence the thoughts and actions of mankind remains to be seen.

Perhaps George Meek, the highly respected and meritorious researcher of ITC, foresees developments on earth correctly when he writes in his newsletter Unlimited Horizons Spring 1988 issue:

The true significance of what you are reading in this issue is that at last Man is today in the process of stripping away centuries of accumulated dogma and creed.

Admittedly, these first very amateurish and uncertain steps with computers, radios, telephone answering equipment and fleeting images of the "deceased" on the video screen, represent only a very crude beginning.

But the path which was followed in perfecting the telegraph, telephone, wireless and video will be followed with the further development of the spirit communication systems over the next few decades. First hundreds and then thousands of creative people will carry the work to near perfection, and in a shorter time span than most can imagine.

Beginning in the next two centuries, the outpouring of knowledge from the higher planes of consciousness via instruments and spiritually-evolved channels will change every phase of life on earth for the better.

Our educational systems, our medical and health care systems, our governmental systems and our economic systems will be changed beyond imagination.

The explosive expansion in human consciousness will be so great that at long last, mankind will in fact beat "his swords into plowshares." After thousands of years of war, peace will become a practical reality. Hence, the significance of this report is: FOR THE FIRST TIME IN RECORDED HISTORY MAN IS NOW RENDING THE VEIL BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH.

I would here like to be the devil's advocate. Although George Meek in the long run may be correct in some part, we may not count on changes soon, nor on any fundamental changes in the future. The taught beliefs, convictions and opinions are deeply seated.

They are anchored in each generation in the subconscious of men, in the Christian culture, in Islam, in all other cultures. This is also true for the scientifically trained person. Most people will only casually take notice of these phenomena which could influence their world views and their spiritual development considerably.

Decades of experience with trance mediums, their high level of messages and their materialized apparitions, have only proved the inflexibility in the thinking of men! Rigid and fixed ideas, prejudice about what is possible and impossible are the norm! The same is true of the majority of scientists.

The mass media, because of the sensational aspect of the phenomena of ITC, may pick up the news and help spread ITC in many countries. However, it is a long road from an awareness of ITC to a total understanding and acceptance.

The effects of the mass media should extend over many years to help bring about a change in the ethical thinking of the masses. For now, ITC will continue to be an individual experience. Its acceptance will be on a strictly personal basis unless worldwide catastrophes will change the minds of men.

Even now a series of scientists and technical people has vouched for the genuineness of the phenomena, such as Professor Walter H. Uphoff, Engineer George W. Meek, Electronic Engineer Dr Carlo M. Trajna, Professor Dr Ernst Senkowski, Dr Ralf Determeyer, Professor Pere Francois Brune, Dr Nils O. Jacobson , Dr Vladimir DeLavre, Dr Dieter Kaempge.

Electronics Engineer Martin Wenzel, Manfred Kage, Professor Dr Giorgio di Simone, Dr Friebel, Jochem Fornoff, Professor Alex Schneider and many others. Those who experienced the phenomena themselves or have carefully studied them, now have the task to inform others and work for clarification of ITC in public. They should do this with the greatest of perseverance.

The End

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About the authors.

She has been trained in singing and the arts and is active in matters of protection of wildlife and ecology.

In 1980 Maggy married Jules Harsch, an employee of the Luxembourg Government. In 1986 the couple founded the research association Cercle d'Etudes sur la Transcommunication, Luxembourg (CETL), and Maggy became its president. CETL quickly drew an international list of subscribers to its journal, CETL INFOnews.

Since 1986 Maggy has conducted numerous experiments with tape recorder, radio, TV, computer, FAX, and telephone with and without answering device, in cooperation with her husband and with others. The couple has developed a variety of equipment combinations with the help of spirit colleagues.

The couple are founding members of INIT, the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication, founded in 1995 to facilitate the spread and strengthening of ITC worldwide on an ethical base.

Maggy lectures, presents and officiates during meetings and conferences in various countries, including Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy, Brazil and the USA.

From 1957 up to his retirement in 1986, Dr Locher taught at the Commercial College in Biel, Switzerland, and taught mathematics, geography and geology at College of Economy (again, in Biel).

Beginning in 1965, he lectured in parapsychology at colleges and universities throughout Switzerland, and in 1966 founded the Swiss Association for Parapsychology (SVPP). He was the first president of the organization and for 20 years served as its secretary.

Beginning in 1966, Dr Locher was publisher and editor of Swiss Bulletin for Parapsychology and editor of the Orientation Pages of the SVPP. He built a parapsychological exhibit and established a parapsychological Research Fund and Relief Fund under the auspices of the SVPP.

In 1977 he coauthored (with Guido Lauper) a book, Swiss spirit phenomena and psychokinesis.

In 1985 he founded the Swiss Foundation for Parapsychology (SSPP) and became its first president. The SSPP continues issuing awards in the field of parapsychology, a practice begun in 1968 by SVPP.

In 1986 he authored Parapsychology in Switzerland, yesterday and today

In 1987 Dr Locher founded and headed the United Afghanistan Project, and in 1989 became founding president for the Dr A. Hedri Foundation for Exopsychology and Epipsychology, Zurich, Switzerland.

He is a founding member of INIT.

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