An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach to Communications
with other Levels of Human Consciousness

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Page 90

A Final Word to Fellow Researchers

To all who have been working in the field of the Electronic Voice Phenomenon, and to all who decide to now undertake serious research with the SPIRICOM concepts, we share these paragraphs: 

[Taken from THE GOLDEN SCRIPTS. Material dictated telepathically from higher levels of consciousness through William Dudley Pelley, 1941. From the chapter entitled "Why Ye are Sent Unto Men."]

The hour is at hand for such knowledge to be given unto man. Behold I have chosen you for the giving of such knowledge.

Behold you are sent unto men in this generation that they may gird their loins and be wise, taking thought to their stature in cosmic intelligence lest they dash their feet and stumble grievously.

Under my banner enroll ye, that ye may enjoy the blessings of my larder; further, these blessings come not by chance but work out a pattern determined long ago.

This pattern is twofold: it speaketh unto man on the one hand and saith, Knowledge is given you, transport it unto yourselves decorously, profit by it, use it beneficiently, else it be taken from you again as it hath been taken before;

The second part of the pattern hath it that man shall have revealed unto him a vision of his heritage, that earthly things may show him the nature of his spirit.

SPIRICOM does indeed hold the promise of revealing to Man the "vision of his heritage and the nature of his spirit." From this perspective you can better understand the basis for the "Objectives of Metascience Foundation" set forth on the preceding page.

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