An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach to Communications
with other Levels of Human Consciousness

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(of Operating SPIRICOM-type equipment)

1. Dangers which could be encountered by individual researchers

Under no circumstances do we want to encourage any enthusiastic reader or potential researcher to start out in this field without the information in the next few paragraphs.

As was pointed out earlier, science now knows that everything in the cosmos is one or more forms of energy in motion. Some energy is beneficial to Man and some is harmful. X-rays for example, in small and carefully controlled amounts, can be of great help to Man, but in too great a concentration can destroy tissue, entire organs and even the whole body.

Ultra-violet light is highly beneficial to Man and plants, but certain wavelengths of UV can kill not only bacteria, but also plants and even people. (In 1978 in our laboratory in Ft. Myers, Florida, we were experimenting photographically with different wavelengths of UV light.

After an exposure of only a few minutes at one of the wavelengths we were using, all of our lovely 3-year-old ivy plants and philodendron were killed and the green leaves became as black as carbon.)

On the 11" x 17" diagram, "In Our Father's House There are Many Mansions," please note near the left margin the vertical arrow which reads, "MATTER (Energy) at progressively HIGHER rates of vibrations or frequencies."

In this diagram the energies which make up the minerals and water of the earth are at the bottom, (the lowest vibrational level). Man and all other living creatures and life forms on the surface of the earth are composed of bodies which contain essentially the same minerals and water, but in addition, they have consciousness which represents a higher rate of vibration.

The lowest astral planes shown in the above-mentioned diagram contain persons who have shed their mineral and water bodies and exist as their individual consciousness. Hence they are not suddenly allwise. They know absolutely nothing of the "worlds" that exist above them.

They, for the most part, are truly "lost" and many do not even know that they are dead! Many of them are desperate to get back into their old physical body. Some of the poor souls are filled with the strongest of physical lusts and desires for alcohol or other drugs. They may make a serious effort to continue their indulgence by finding some person whose energy field is enough like theirs that they can be merged. This is the basis for obsession.

Although present-day psychiatry does not yet recognize it, we feel reasonably certain that at least 25% of the patients in our mental asylums are, in part, the victims of such unwanted intrusion into their individual consciousness by entities on the lowest astral planes.

[We do not condemn psychiatry for this lack of understanding. It is only in the last few years that Man has gained the understanding that the mind is non-physical, that it is, in fact, an energy field, and that it can, and in some cases does, occupy a body other than that for which it was intended.

Fortunately there is now a newly formed branch of the psychiatric field know as Metapsychiatry Page 83 which is increasingly making use of the latest scientific findings in this area. And it is gratifying that in 1980 the American Psychiatric Association added "multiple personality" to its diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders!]

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When any person starts to build equipment designed to "talk to the spirits" it behooves him to carefully bypass all the persons now very much alive in the lowest astral planes. (Incidentally, this area is also populated with some rather frightening forms of life which do not belong to the human line of evolution.)

In fact, it is not enough to just tune out the lowest astral planes. There is another hazard to be encountered a little higher up. There is a layer of spirits who are not really intending to be harmful and they are not likely to lock into your aura.

But they are out to have some fun -- they are more like pranksters. Should you contact them, they may pretend to be someone they are not. They may, as we say, "take you for a ride." They may appear much more knowledgable than they are.

It is because of these "communication hazards" that mediumship got such a bad name 2,000 years ago. At the time of the events in the New Testament, mediumship was very common. Its dangers were also well known, because it was a rare medium indeed who could tap the wisdom of the highest astral planes.

Anyone who could tap that of the mental-causal or the celestial planes went down in history as a prophet, sage or seer! The writers of the New Testament cautioned their small flocks to "Beware" and to "Test" all spirits with whom contact was made, to make certain that the communicators were good, friendly, God-fearing spirits.

How does an EVP or SPIRICOM researcher make certain that he does not attract a cloud of undesirable spirit persons? There are two precautions:

First, never work in this field unless you are in excellent physical health, free of serious mental or emotional stresses and strains, and have an optimistic and joyful attitude about your life and toward all with whom you come in contact . If you cannot honestly say that you fit this physical, mental and emotional profile -- then find some other outlet for your inquiring mind!

The second point requires a bit of background. You daily use your radio and/or TV. When you want to switch from one station to another, you turn a channel or station control knob. By so doing you turn from one wavelength or frequency to another -- either higher or lower. A SPIRICOM set operates the same way.

But the "good" SPIRICOM programs come in only on the higher wavelengths or frequencies. Hence you should try to use a set which will get up beyond the stations which have only the "bad" programs.

Unfortunately this is easier said than done. Most of the EVP research has been done in kilohertz wavelengths. It is the consensus of the researcher at Metascience Foundation that you will Page 84 never reach the desired intelligence levels at these wavelengths. Even at a far higher level -- 29.5 Megahertz - - we have on occasion, tuned in to some very uncouth characters using language which was not fit for print.

In general we feel that, in the years ahead, researchers should constantly strive to establish systems which will reach ever higher frequencies. Our projections for Mark VI and Mark VII show how seriously we ourselves take this bit of advice.

If you as a researcher have followed the above precautions, you may very well reach individuals who are highly evolved in the best spiritual sense. They are interested -- deeply and solely -- in helping Man on earth to grow up out of the quagmire of hate, jealousy, murder and materialism which he has fashioned for himself.

If you want to narrow the gap from where you individually stand in your own spiritual development, and the level of spiritual growth which your prospective communicators possess, you will find it helpful to include one or two short periods of meditation and prayer in your daily schedule.


Does this prescription work? Yes, speaking from the personal experiences of our associates during the past ten years. Are the dangers real? Yes. Among the researchers in this field who failed to follow the above warnings are at least one known suicide and two cases of possession. Either suicide or possession is a high price to pay for disregarding admonitions that have their basis in 2,000 years of history.*

2. Dangers which Mankind faces if SPIRICOM is not used wisely

Since his beginnings, Man has been faced with the fact that individually and collectively he has the power to act for good or evil. As his knowledge of the energetic nature of the cosmos has expanded, Man has found that every energy so far identified -- from sexual energy to atomic energy -- can be used for his benefit or for his downfall.

He will find that the energies involved in SPIRICOM are also of a nature that can be used to help him grow mentally and spiritually and become more God-like (that is more like the beings on the higher planes) or they can be focused on trivia which will make it even harder for him to grow out of the present deplorable mess in which Western civilization's social, economic and political actions are tending toward disintegration.


* For the spiritually oriented, we report some advice given by high level spirit communicators: If SPIRICOM researchers adhere to the following procedure they will not suffer possession by negative forces.

First thing in the morning say, "I will wear the protective cloak of the Christ light until I retire tonight." On retiring make a similar decree for the night hours. (Note: The Christ light is said to have overshadowed and inspired Jesus of Nazareth continually during the last three years of his earth life.)

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When SPIRICOM instrumentation is further perfected, it will in the very nature of product development, be more simplified and available at lower and lower cost. (Already we discern the possibility of making equipment to do the work of Mark IV, for example, in the form of a relatively inexpensive, compact, hand-held instrument.) Will such equipment be used to the maximum benefit of people -- both here and in the hereafter?

To the extent that it will reduce the sense of loss and grief at the passing of a loved one, it will be of great value. To the extent that it helps people learn that what we have called "death" is in fact, "birth" into another and potentially more glorious life, it will also be a great blessing.

To the extent that it is used for the purpose of convincing a large portion of the 4,000,000,000 persons now on earth that they should live this life in ways that will assure the best conditions for their next life, it could be tremendous factor in the upward evolution of Man.

But, sad to say, there is another side to the coin if contact is with only the lower planes. Consider these two omens of why widespread use of SPIRICOM may not suddenly make Man into a new and noble creature.

First consider the parallel to what has happened in the last 100 years in the case of those persons who became deeply interested in all forms of psychic phenomena and concentrated in groups to develop their members into good mediums.

The mediums brought through many messages which gave seeming evidence of survival. Such messages brought great comfort to many of the sitters. A few of the messages conveyed great spiritual truths and tried to show the wisdom of inculcating such truths into the daily lives of the sitters.

A new religion called Spiritualism took roots in England, the USA and many other countries. A variant called Spiritism took roots and grew in France, Brazil and other countries. There were many who thought that this new religion would sweep the world. It has not done so. Why?

The answer has been provided during the last few years from Spiritualists now living on the higher planes. From their higher perspective (and speaking through the remarkable direct-voice mediumship of Leslie Flint) Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Barrett, Emma Harding Britten, Ellen Terry and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have said time and again, with great sadness, "Spiritualism has lost its spirituality! It has concerned itself with trivia."

They refer to the fact that Spiritualism (unlike Spiritism in Brazil) still concentrates on platform clairvoyance and mediumship which is in contact with only the lower astral planes. The messages brought through are primarily of a personal greeting type and very seldom contain any spiritually-oriented teachings from the
higher levels of wisdom.

If SPIRICOM is used in the decades ahead primarily to contact loved ones who have recently passed to the lower planes, it will have fallen into the same trap of being concerned only with trivia.

Those living on the lower planes are basically no more evolved and enlightened than they were when they passed over. In the main, they did not produce a viable civilization when they were running the show here on the surface of the earth!

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Only if Man is inventive enough to perfect forms of SPIRICOM which can communicate with the higher planes,  can he tap the desired level of wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.

And only if he then has the wisdom to use the devices for tapping that wisdom and enlightenment can he create heaven on earth. Will SPIRICOM users concern themselves only with trivia, or with the wisdom that could lead Man into the long-promised "golden age"?

And now let us look at the second reason why we should not expect that SPIRICOM will necessarily achieve the goal of making Man into a new and better creature. Let us take a strictly objective view of what has happened to the rosy-hued dreams of the miracles predicted to follow perfection of TV, motion pictures and radio broadcasting.

The following clipping was saved about 1975 from an electronics magazine (author unknown) because of its pertinence to the situation that would exist when someday we, or others, succeeded in developing SPIRICOM.

We should recognize that new technology readily evokes rosy expectations. Possible blessings are more easily glimpsed than problems, and are more gratifying to contemplate. As we have seen, visions of the wired world have been with us ever since the invention of the telephone.

As early as 1882, an artist pictured a woman shopping via television, and another taking a course via television. In the early 1900s, the motion picture was expected to have many of the same effects predicted for telecommunications-wide dispersal of knowledge, equalization of opportunity, strengthening of democracy and of international understanding.

Broadcasting, at the very hour of its birth, was expected to have similar effects. The first issue of Radio Broadcast, launched early in 1922, predicted that broadcasting would ...

... elicit a new national loyalty and produce a more contented citizenry ...

... the government will be a living thing to its citizens instead of an abstract and unseen force ...

... at last we may have covenants literally openly arrived at ...

... elected representatives will not be able to evade their responsibility to those constituents who put them in office ...

... the people's University of the Air will have a greater student body than all the rest of our universities put together ...

That same year a former Secretary of the Navy, Josephus Daniels, joined in the sanguine predictions: "Nobody now fears that a Japanese Beet could deal an unexpected blow on our Pacific possessions ... Radio makes surprises impossible."

Magazine articles of the day featured such titles as "How Radio is Remaking the WorId" and "Radio, the modern Peace Dove" and "Ether Waves vs. Crime Waves."

Can anyone deny that Man has failed to reap all of the early expectations for these remarkable technical developments? Can he deny that the increasing flood of pornographic movies and video cassettes may add to the rapid destruction of family life which has been the backbone of our civilization?

Can he deny that there is any relationship between our spiraling crime rate and the exposure of our children to 15 years of murder, rape and other crime on our TV and movie screens?

Will Man similarly pervert the use of SPIRICOM? Any serious student of human is compelled to answer "yes."

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However, there is one factor present in 1982 that did not exist while the commercialization of radio, movies and TV was occurring. Our communicators from the higher realms of Spirit have the ability to look in a dispassioned way at miniscule Man in his many senseless pursuit on the surface of the earth.

They Page 87 have the wisdom which comes from their knowledge of the workings of the cosmos. They look at this small planet and are able to forsee the catastrophe which is soon to engulf our present civilization. Their precognitive statements are now coming into print in many nations.

They predict that Man has passed the point-of-no-return and that our economy, our life styles, our political systems and our belief systems will undergo changes far beyond the scope which most persons can conceive.

In the Summer 1979 the Metascience Foundation publication COLLAPSE & COMEBACK presented Riley Hansard Crabb's highly informative study of the zodiacal and planetary cycles. One of Mr. Crabb's most useful diagrams is reproduced herewith. Notice the pivotal time in which we are living.

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The far-reaching implications of the cosmic forces depicted in Crabb's diagram evoke serious questions in our minds -- as do the predictions from higher planes regarding impending cataclysmic changes:

Could it be that God, the powers above, the good guys upstairs, people on plane 6 and 7 of the "Many Mansions" chart --  whoever runs the show -- have for 70 years intentionally slowed and frustrated efforts of brilliant inventors such as Marconi, Tesla and Edison to create a SPIRICOM?

Could it be that in their infinite wisdom the higher beings decided to prevent the negative uses of SPIRICOM by not allowing its perfection until Man is so desperate, so frustrated, so cast down, that he will use it constructively to reach up to the higher planes, join forces with the God each of us carries within, and together build a new heaven and new earth?

Yes, SPIRICOM obviously has dangers for materialistic Man. But it may also be the greatest single force for  helping to erect the new heaven and to people the new earth which will follow the cataclysmic changes which we will all be aparty to in this present decade -- and which will even begin to hit us hard in 1982 and 1983.

With the above closing thoughts, the reader has a better perspective for considering the:



To provide a scientific basis for knowing:

  • That life is eternal,

  • That each person is a son or daughter of God, the Father, the Universal Mind, the Creator of all that exists,

  • That the life of each person is of infinite importance and has specific purpose and ultimate meaning, and

  • That limitless love of neighbor und self leads to inner peace, happiness and good health.

We believe Man can achieve this profound level of understanding by directly contacting the accumulated wisdom of the ages, currently available on the Mental and Causal Planes.

It is our conviction that the most reliable access to this information can be provided by perfecting a dependable two-way electromagnetic - etheric communication system.

This would at last make possible a workable and rewarding cooperation between Man's many religions and his sciences.


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