An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach to Communications
with other Levels of Human Consciousness

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(of Making SPIRICOM a Working Reality)

Individuals connected with Metascience Foundation have, over the past ten years, made tremendous effort and great personal sacrifice of time and money in their attempts to create a device to allow communication between men on earth and men in higher levels of consciousness. Why? What has been their motivation?

It would be easy enough to answer, "The benefits to Man would be very considerable. Here is a list of the more important ones." But such a listing without some additional information would not convey the importance of some of the items.

So before we spell out the benefits as we see them, we would like to share with you the thoughts in Meek's mind when the list of benefits was formalized. A memo from him to his associates on July 4, 1976 reads in part:

Two hundred years ago 56 courageous and far-seeing men devised and signed a "Declaration of Independence." They put their reliance in Divine Providence and pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their honor.

These were men of means and education. They paid dearly for their action. Five were tortured and killed as traitors. Nine fought and died in the war which followed. Many lost all of their belongings and they and their families were forced to move frequently. Many died in poverty.

The nation-state which grew and flourished as a result of the vision and spiritual insight of these men became the light of the world. No other nation in the world's history has contributed as much to the development of human dignity, and had such a beneficial impact on other nation-states around the world.

These two centuries have seen the birth and growth of many fields of science. The ways in which these sciences have changed and are changing the material life of Man stagger the imagination. Certainly in the main these advances in Man's material well-being are beneficial.

It is now plain for everyone to see that, unfortunately, mankind's advances in the material world have far outstripped his rate of growth in wisdom and spiritual understand. After two devastating world wars there are many signs that we face the prospect of a third - and final - world war.

The advance in man's capability for mass extermination has grown exponentially, precisely as outlined in an analysis which I wrote in London on July 4, 1943 and distributed to my close friends as a Christmas and New Years greeting in December 1943. My comments and the accompanying political cartoons which I devised, set forth the need for recognizing Man's INTER-dependence.

It is with profound regret that these last 38 years have done nothing but confirm that analysis. Every "Advanced" and "emerging" Page 78  nation in the world today is spending vast sums in an armament race to outdo its neighbors.

At least ten nations have acquired the capability to wage nuclear warfare - and very few indeed of these nations have acquired the restraint which could make them refrain from using these weapons of mass destruction. Only a small proportion of the people alive today have learned the eternal truth of the statement that "Those who choose to live by the sword will die by the sword."

Now, as we enter the last quarter of this century and start on the third century of our nation's history, is there nothing that can be done to arrest this headlong flight to oblivion? Is man totally incapable of any action which can redress the evolutionary imbalance between his materialistic and his spiritual development?

At this crucial time in the life of our nation and all nations are there no men of vision who can see the path which can lead to a brighter future? Dare we despair and cast our lot with those who advised Job to "Curse the Lord and die"? Is there no way that man can be made aware of his INTERdependence - made aware that by all men working together, life on this planet can become a veritable Garden of Eden?

These questions have been in the back of my own mind ever since that Independence Day in London 38 years ago. Until recently I have despaired that anyone would come forth with a vision which was equal to the needs at this point in man's evolution. In fact, it is doubtful that even a second coming of the Nazarene would correct Man's materialistic - spiritualistic imbalance.

But slowly in the six years since I started my own full-time research into the nature of Man, I have begun to see a glimmer of light at the end of the long, dark, often frightening and discouraging tunnel. As I have met and observed in most of the civilized countries of the world, courageous and forward-thinking people in the fields of medicine, psychiatry and many branches of science; and as I have read extensively in the fields of religion, mysticism, the occult and the fields of psychic and parapsychological research, I have become acquainted with dimensions of Man of which much of our present materialistic world is unaware.

Surprisingly these new dimensions suggest a course of action which is so revolutionary and has such promise of success that in just one century it could have as profound an effect on mankind as did the evolutionary step when life moved from the sea to the land.

Very briefly, here is the outline of what is behind the above presumptious and obviously preposterous statement.

There is now absolutely no doubt that Man is a multi - dimensional being who not only lives and moves and has his being in our commonly accepted space-time continuum but who simultaneously lives and moves and has his being in another space - time continuum of which modern science is only slightly aware.

His physical body operates in our well-known 3-dimensional space-time system. His Page 79 levels of mind and spirit are in every way just as "real" as his physical body (perhaps more so!) but operate in a totally different space-time continuum.

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And what is of history-making significance, his mind and spirit disentangle themselves from the electro- biochemical mechanism that is his physical body and continue life as a distinct personality as soon as they pass through the door which man calls "death".

Modern science is unaware of this other space-time universe which interpenetrates our physical 3-dimensional space-time universe. It is totally ignorant of the fact that the minds and spirits of persons considered dead are very much alive and well.

Moreover, some of these intelligences have access to wisdom which has been accumulated by all of the individuals who ever lived on the earth-plane - the wisdom of the so-called collective unconscious.

(In this effort to put down on paper the overall concept of what I know to be factual, I am not writing a paper to be read and accepted by my materialistic peers. But , like the 56 who signed the aforementioned "Declaration," I am quite willing to pledge - and in fact already have pledged - my life, what I have of worldly goods, and my honor, to try to carry through the activities herein disclosed.

Hence, I do not today waste time on bibliographical references and supporting documents. In fact, such will not be needed if we can carry to a successful conclusion research now underway. The results would speak for themselves.)

We have often speculated on the ways by which the perfection of such equipment would change Man's thoughts and actions and the course of evolution of homo sapiens in the centuries ahead. However, we never seemed to be able to spare time from our precious hours in the lab to discuss in depth or to prepare a summary of these speculations.

Therefore I have concluded that in the spirit of this day, which is an obvious milestone in the history of our nation and the world at large, I would take the hours necessary to draft a list of the potential benefits for Man.

[The list which then followed in the letter was essentially as shown here:]

  1. For the first time in Man's history it could be proven that Death is merely a door to a continuing life. This will permit Man to understand that his mind and spirit are only temporarily occupying his electro-biochemical body.

  2. It will be shown that individuality and consciousness (personality) continue to exist and function in a disease and pain-free environment and with unlimited opportunity for continuing mental and spiritual development.

  3. It will remove forever the needless and destructive fear of death and eliminate the cause of mourning and sorrow at the passing of a loved one. Thus we will eliminate the taboo which our culture has imposed on the whole subject of death.

  4. Page 80 It will make obsolete those portions of religious dogma and creed which over so many centuries have needlessly ruined countless lives by the imposition of burdens of fear and guilt.

  5. It will begin to show that at last Man has a scientific basis for understanding the common spiritual teachings of all of the world's great religions. It will bring about changes in science and religion to the enhancement of both. Thus it will begin to lay a basis for a lasting marriage between the two.

  6. Each person will at last learn that it is his own mind and spirit - through his thoughts and emotions - which determine to a very great degree whether he will experience sickness, or enjoy vibrant physical and mental health. Then he will know that he should at all times be the complete master of his body.

  7. The preceding item could, within only one or two decades, completely change the whole nature of personal and public health care with savings in the USA alone of billions of dollars annually in medical, drug, nursing and hospital care.

  8. By utilizing the highly refined diagnostic abilities of medical specialists on the other planes of existence we would make a quantum leap beyond the diagnostic capabilities of our most elaborately equipped and expertly staffed diagnostic clinics. (We have already been assured of this collaboration.)

  9. It will permit the people of each nation to converse with their own previous national leaders and learn how different is the present perspective of those leaders on the subjects of war, racial and religious strife, armament expenditure, etc. One obvious benefit would be to " buy time" for a few years until human consciousness evolved enough to forestall what would otherwise be the final world war.

  10. It will help our educators devise procedures by which the masses would gradually be given access to levels of knowledge which would greatly accelerate their mental and spiritual development.

    This would result in a total redesign of our educational system. It would allow tapping the accumulated wisdom of the ages. (Just consider the ramifications of having lectures given in the new universities by Plato and Socrates with all of the additional knowledge they have gained in the passing centuries of exposure to still higher intelligences.)

  11. By showing that Man is an inhabitant of the apparently limitless cosmos - far from the soul-less bar-pushing rat and Page 81 corn pecking pigeon our behavioral psychologists proclaim - he can begin to act in ways that will permit him and his descendants to become respected participants in the operation of the cosmos.

And the foregoing is only a limited outline of what Man could accomplish in just the next century - a mere instant in his long upward climb.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself this question, "Of all the many activities in which individual persons and organizations are involved today all over the world, how many can I list which have as much potential as does SPIRICOM research for preserving and advancing civilization?"


Now six years after Meek prepared the above list of potential benefits, not even one item has become obsolete or in the need of major revision! And the passing of time has shown even more clearly the acceleration of our materialistic civilization toward disaster.

Sadly we must admit our failure to achieve the objective in item 10: delaying the onset of the final world war. As of early 1982, we have already witnessed the opening skirmishes, so our objective may have gone by default. Time may have run out.

But if Man is to survive the impending cataclysmic social, economic and political changes that are rushing down upon him, the potential benefits of SPIRICOM are enough to stimulate researchers  to perfect it at the earliest possible date.

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