An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach to Communications
with other Levels of Human Consciousness

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Charles Kettering, the General Motors genius of almost half a century ago, observed, "Nature does not give  up her secrets easily." In solving the mysteries of spirit communication, we must pry from nature many bits of information that are far more tightly held than those she surrendered to designers of components for motorcars!

During the past decade of Metascience's intensive effort, few indeed have been the secrets which have been penetrated. And when we consider the number and nature of the secrets for which answers must still be found, it requires a strong heart and dogged perseverance to push ahead day after day and year after year.

But, fortunately, this important fact rings out loud and clear :

In 1981, meaningful two-way normal-voice conversations were carried on via SPIRICOM Mark IV over a period of many months with an American scientist who has been "dead" since suffering a coronary failure in 1967.

This fact is now inscribed forever on the history books. Perhaps nothing in the last 2,000 years has provided more solid scientific evidence that Man has what the Apostle Paul called a "spiritual body" and that that body survives the death of the physical body.

And we have been fortunate in chalking up some additional accomplishments, the full value of which will be more apparent in the decades ahead:

  1. Two-way voice communication, similar to that mentioned above, were carried on in a limited way with three other "deceased" individuals who stated that they passed over in 1820, 1830 and 1972. These provided at least the first stage of the replication that is so properly a part of the scientific method.

  2. We have accumulated much information which will be of help in the coming decade to hundreds of researchers. This information will save time and money and lend encouragement. (As indicated on page 6, all of our findings are made available to fellow researchers free of any patents, copyrights or trademarks.)

  3. By the use of gifted sensitives or mediums who have the ability to act as telepathic channels, we have had the rare privilege of more than 200 hours of normal conversation with many persons now very much alive in the higher realms of life.

  4. These conversations have enabled us to draw a blueprint of "the many mansions" about which Jesus spoke -- and describe Page 75 in some detail who lives in which mansion, and what life is like in the various mansions.  (See AFTER WE DIE, WHAT THEN?, AS WE SEE IT FROM HERE AND the MAGIC OF LIVING FOREVER.)

  5. We have found that the more enlightened souls living in these higher realms are awaiting, even more anxiously than we are, the successful completion of an instrumental communication system. They feel that only when the perspective they have, is gained by Man on earth will he cease and desist from the many completely stupid, wasteless, destructive and non-productive acts which now threaten him with extinction.

  6. We have found that there is a scientific basis for the central core teachings of all of the world's great religions: Protestant, Jewish, Catholic, Shintoist, Buddhist, Muslim, Coptic, Hindu, etc. When, in the decades ahead, such instrumental communication is perfected to the point that regular two-way communication takes place with the mental-causal plane, it will be possible to strip away much baseless dogma and creed. This will eventually make possible a true marriage of religion and science.

  7. Because of our research into the basic nature of Man, we have developed a far better understanding of illness, disease, and good health. When, through the now rapidly emerging practice of holistic medicine, these insights become known to the average man, our levels of health will be higher, life span will increase and much needless poor health will be avoided. (See HEALERS & THE HEALING PROCESS.)

  8. We have received from our scientist communicator in another world, a theory of -- and an electronic circuit for -- an instrument for use in the treatment of persons suffering from painful arthritic joints. The preliminary results from our small-scale field trials of our prototype model indicate that the idea may have enough merit to warrant greatly expanded field testing.

  9. We have not been successful to date in efforts to obtain images on the video screen of any of our deceased communicators. However, we have reason to think that within two decades it will be possible to obtain images of persons now existing in what we call lower and middle astral planes.

  10. We have learned that before perfecting SPIRICOM to the point that it can be a useful day-to day working reality, Man must learn far more about several types of subtle energy and their forces or systems which lie completely outside what is now recognized by science as the four basic forces of nature. Thought must be recognized as an energy, and means of observing, detecting, measuring and possibly photographing it, must be developed. The same applies to the energy forces involved in all psychic activity.

    Much of the pioneering in this field will have to be done by non-scientists. This is because the work must be pursued with totally open and enquiring minds and by researchers who are themselves psychically sensitive.

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  11. During our three years of contacts with Dr. Mueller (clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and via SPIRICOM) we have accumulated many notebooks filled with data, and recording tapes and transcripts thereof. This material is being made available in a book which should warrant translation into many languages.

Each of the advances listed above is important, but one stands out and deserves repeating:


* Meaningful two-way audio communication has, in fact, been carried on with an American scientist who has been "dead" since 1967.


And as we said on page 9, "With these preliminary thoughts on the record, we will spend no time refuting any accusations of fraud, hoax or misrepresentation of results. We are quite content to leave all such matters to the unfolding of history in the 21st century."


The above tabulation indicates the direction of our planning for the next two years. We will definitely continue with intensive research on Mark IV and Mark V but also initiate new research projects on Mark VI, Mark VII and Mark VIII. We certainly encourage other researchers to choose any of these five areas for their own efforts.


In order to provide some thought stimulation to other researchers around the world, we now present some of our VERY PRELIMINARY thinking on the last three prototypes mentioned.

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