An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach to Communications
with other Levels of Human Consciousness

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MARK VII (Projected)

Electrically Activated Quartz Transducer Using Ultraviolet Light

Any serious student of esoteric and metaphysical writings knows that over the many centuries there were frequent references to Man as a light being. Moreover, any person who is presently a member of a spiritual development group is completely familiar with the knowledge that evolved souls on other planes of consciousness exist in their "Light Bodies."

The New Testament references to the Nazarene being the "Light of the World" is perhaps more than just a poetic phrase, in as much as 2000 years have clearly shown that He was one of the most evolved individuals the world has known. Thus we have a growing realization that light and consciousness are in at least some aspects connected or even synonymous.

Now consider another item which bears on the possible relationship between light and consciousness. We refer to the work being done in the Metascience laboratory by Meek and Dapkey in analyzing photos collected from various parts of the world.

Strange and unaccounted-for items are seen in the photographs. (Refer to our booklet THE MAGIC OF LIVING FOREVER.) The unusual portions of these photos appear as "light objects" of many shapes, sizes and types - and often in many startling color effects.

Sometimes they consist of photos of persons known to have been dead for many years. None of the objects were visible to those present at the time the photographs were being taken.

In our extended conversation with Dr. Mueller (via SPIRICOM) and with other scientists in the world of Spirit (via telepathic channels) we have confirmed that they themselves are in fact composed of light at differing wavelengths. We have confirmed that most of the inhabitants of the Spirit world exist at wavelengths outside those which can be detected by normal human eyesight.

In the preface of ON THE EDGE OF THE ETHERIC, Arthur Findlay used the accompanying diagram as a frontispiece.

In that book he reported that the spirits who communicated via direct voice through the Scottish medium John C. Sloan, stated that the etheric world begins in the area immediately above the narrow band of light waves visible to the human eye. In this simplified sketch of the electromagnetic spectrum, made in 1928, Findlay labels the area immediately above the visible waves as the "etheric world" (the area on the upper right of this spectrum diagram).

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The above chart makes clear how limited are our sense perceptions. Only the black portion represents the visible spectrum. This is all we sense of the innumerable etheric waves making up the Universe.

The author has been told by his informants in the Etheric World that its vibrations just about touch those of the Physical World, and at times they can be detected by clairvoyance, by the seeing of etheric beings, called ghosts, and by psychic photography. Etheric waves, however, seem to be different from physical waves, as so far we have discovered no instrument to contact them. 

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It is of considerable interest that one of our high level communicators (Samarka, the highly evolved counterpart of our telepathic channel) told us in the session on March 15, 1975, "Dr. Norbert says that thought waves are just beyond the border of the ultraviolet light frequencies."

In that period we did not know enough about these matters to ask, "Which border? The one near 400 nanometers or is it nearer 200 nanometers?"  As of early 1982 we would speculate that it is somewhat nearer 400 than 200. It is an important point and further enlightenment must be sought.

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If you will now turn to our Volume VI, THE MAGIC OF LIVING FOREVER, you will see what may well be one of the first color photos of an etheric being, captured under controlled conditions in the Matascience laboratory. (I  refer to the larger of the two photos on page 10.)

While still looking at this photograph, note that there are two streams of light projecting to the right of the upper light-colored area. This might be the first time the energy streams from the right and left hemispheres of a "mind" have been captured on film.

We now have reason to believe that Dr. Walter Russell knew what he was talking about in 1926 when, after 39 days in an altered state of consciousness, he said, "Mind is light ... Mind thinks in two opposed lights, simultaneously projected from their centering white light source -- and sequentially repeated in cycles." (Reported in THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell.)

In the photo taken in the Metascience lab (page 10 of THE MAGIC OF LIVING FOR EVER we have the four conditions mentioned above: centering white light source; the two opposed lights; the lights are projected; and they are sequentially repeated. (The negative from which this book reproduction was cropped is larger and of better color fidelity. It clearly shows the repetition in cycles.)

Now back to the problem of creating a version of SPIRICOM that can tap the higher levels of consciousness! The most crucial problem in the design of any such communication system is to provide some point in the apparatus where the energy from the spirit person (his or her thoughts) can impinge on some signal that we generate with our equipment.

This is one tough problem! Trying to get the thoughts of a spirit person to "impinge" or "interface" with our signal, even if we use MHz, GHz or THz frequencies, is like trying to mix distilled water with axle grease.

But -- and here we come to the hypothesis that Meek has created for Mark VII -- if mind and thought are "light" as Russell said in 1926; if Findlay was right in 1928 when he said the etheric world starts with the ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum; and if the mind projects two parallel streams of light as shown in Meek's photo of 1979 -- why not build a transducer which allows those two streams of light to modulate a beam of ultraviolet light and give us an instrumental readout via strip chart recorder, loud speaker, oscilloscope or a computer printout?

We offer these thoughts free to all of our fellow SPIRICOM researchers around the world. (The term EVP has served its period usefulness. Now it can be replaced with the far more meaningful term SPIRICOM, which we gladly offer for generic use.)

We hope many researchers will join us in a friendly race to see who will be the first to successfully build and operate a SPIRICOM system utilizing ultraviolet light and a spirit energy transducer. Let us get on with the job at the earliest possible moment!

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