An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach to Communications
with other Levels of Human Consciousness

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1,200 MHz  -  1973 - 1977

Experiences with Mark I showed the necessity of:

  1. A much more stable oscillator.

  2. An oscillator of higher frequency and more power.

  3. A more accurately tuned antenna with a better coupling efficiency between radiating and receiving antenna.

  4. Maintaining shielded antenna for noise free operation.

Concept and Description of Mark II

Construction of Mark II started in July 1974. With the above guidelines in mind, we had ordered a new 1200 MHz microwave oscillator which was quite an improvement over the old model General Radio signal generator used for Mark I.

The new unit was compact and extremely stable. Its power output of 2.5 watts was phase-locked. A temperature controlled crystal assured extremely close frequency tolerances.

An elliptical, totally enclosed, copper chamber was built (Fig. 4) with focii that were a half wavelength of the 1200 MHz signal.

The oscillator antenna (1/4 wavelength stub) radiates the 1200 MHz signal into the chamber at focus point F'. At the other focus point F we have a 1/4 wavelength open section which acts as a parallel resonant section at the fixed 1200 MHz frequency.

A miniature demodulation amplifier was designed which we installed at the base of this silver-plated section. The demodulator receives the signal by means of a small  silver plate that is closely spaced and capacitively coupled to the 1/4 wavelength section.

The demodulator works in a circuit similar to the one used for Mark I. However, we used a Motorola type MM 4049 high speed switching transistor with a bandwidth of 4000 MHz and a current gain of more than 20. We installed the demod. inside the chamber to make sure anything picked up is turned into audio frequencies before

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leaving the chamber. An RF filter feeds the audio modulations into a SWTP model 195 discrete operational  amplifier which was modified to operate with a signal to noise ratio of better than 100 db and a variable gain of 40 to 1800.

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Every effort was made to increase the efficiency of the copper chamber. The inside was silver plated for better reflectivity. Its elliptical shape offered a practical solution of maintaining some sort of phase relationship.

Due to the sensitivity of the apparatus and the high electronic amplification, outside traffic noises, especially from heavy trucks, were often acoustically coupled to the chamber and modulated the carrier signal. The entire apparatus therefore had to be acoustically insulated with foam rubber and by fibre cushioning on its top and bottom. Later the entire assembly was suspended from the ceiling on long rubber bands.

For most of the important early experiments we used a voltage regulated, low ripple power line supply. It was later replaced by a voltage regulated -24 volt rechargeable battery. The total absence of 60 Hz and 120 Hz hum made a worthwhile improvement which would have helped with the better recognition of early impingements.

Our lab was located 10 miles from the busy Philadelphia International Airport. We wanted to make sure our oscillator signal could not leak out of the chamber and perhaps interfere with air traffic communication. And there was F.C.C. who was looking out for offenders. The entire apparatus was therefore enclosed in a double copper screened cage and RF filters were installed for cables and power line entering it.

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Fig. 6
Mark II in our
Philadelphia Lab
about 1975

Fig. 7
Mark II (upper right)
In suspension mount in Florida Lab 1976

Mark II was first used during the Fall of 1974 . Our sensitive, for personal reasons, was no longer available as a telepathic channel. Fortunately Meek, as a result of his wide-ranging search for such talent, was able to secure the assistance of another very fine telepathic channel.

It took two sessions for our small team and the new channel to get into attunement and establish contact with Dr. Swann. It was during these early attempts that we contacted an entity who was introduced as "Oppenheimer" (Dr. 0., pioneer nuclear scientist). Some of his statements shed some light on the problem of penetrating higher dimensions with electro-magnetic energy. Quote:

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Upon contacting Dr. Swann we heard his first reaction to our Mark II setup. Quote:

Dr. Swann: We can only say this is a step in the right direction. The signal is not strong enough as we see it, but much more steady than before. We cannot yet maintain a test signal. - Unquote.

At the end of this now historic session, the medium's guide, Samarka, had a few encouraging words.  Quote:

Samarka : The main purpose here is to use this machine. Use it again and again. We cannot find the bugs, if there are any, without using it. The signal appears to grow somewhat, the longer the session has lasted ...

It is up, over and above the normal vibrational static we receive from such energies as television, radio, electrical machinery of all sorts, radar and all of these things. This is a better, stronger and purer type signal than we have had before in this area. We want to use it. We want to work with it. Unquote.

The next day plans were made for giving our friends ample time and opportunities to work with Mark II. It was agreed to operate the instrument regularly in the early morning hours between 4:00 and 4:30 A.M., these being the hours of least interference.

The apparatus was left unattended during the nights and controlled by a timer. Also a monitor tape recorder was automatically turned on and off.

Our friends did not succeed in impinging intelligible voices  on our carrier signal but manifested themselves through various audible phenomena such as:

1. Low frequency impingements of individual sine waves of about 7-8 millisecond duration (150-130 Hz) arriving with various spaced intervals, sometimes in rapid succession. It was most unusual to see these sine waves end abruptly at the base line without tapering out. We believe that this modulation was produced when our friends "cut" through our 1200 MHz carrier with their spiritual energy.* At the moment of interception (the null) a distinct sinosoidal modulation resulted.
The experiments further showed that our collaborators were not able to sustain this interaction with our microwave "beam" continuously and at a constant level. Our audio tapes contain impingements that range from intermittent sounds (approx.- 150 Hz freq.) to a string of these sounds. The repetition rate of some of these was slow at first, rapidly increased and trailed off. (See Fig. 8).

*See further explanations about these energies in Chapter 9

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These results were confirmed by Dr. Swan's remarks in the June 30, 1979 session:

Dr. Swann: We know that we can project the energy. We do not know how long nor how continuous we can do this. So far most of our tests have shown that this energy emerges in spurts and more or less as a "jumping forward" and then being subject to the laws of inertia begins to lapse before it builds up its forward movement again.

Figure 9 shows the oscilloscope view of such a string of impingements.

During the first few months while we were getting intermittent impingements we also picked up acoustically coupled rumbling noises from our chamber. These sounds at times would be modulations.

2. We found several monitor tapes where portions of the familiar residual equipment noise was erased (together with what may have been impinged on carrier and tape). An explanation was given by Dr. S., much later. He admitted to erasing the tape portions because his group had not been satisfied with the results and they decided to erase it. I never quite understood their reasoning.

3. Dr. Swann's group made some partially successful attempts of transmitting pulse coded words by using the modulations described under No.1. However, they arrived too rapidly for word recognition and the low rumble (see above) at that time was interfering too much to recover the word pulses by electronic means.

In those early days we made no provision for two-way communication. (Alexander Graham Bell's first telephone was a one-way affair.)

Too many questions had to be answered first. Can the higher levels of consciousness (the mental/causal). be contacted with an instrument such as Mark II? In what manner and by what means can the collaborators interact with - and impinge on - our electro-magnetic, micro-wave carrier, if at all?

It quickly became obvious that our spirit collaborators did not have answers to all of our questions. In fact they reported that they did not have all the answers to how they could manipulate their energies! Thus it became a cooperative effort in which we and they had merely taken the first step with Mark I and Mark II.

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