An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach to Communications
with other Levels of Human Consciousness

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300 MHz    1972 - 1973

In late 1970 Meek returned from a trip to Europe where he had made his first investigation of EVP. Shortly  thereafter he was approached by a  man with the news that a deceased British-born scientist, who had died in 1962, had communicated through a medium and said he would like to work with qualified engineers interested in developing a communication system.

Meek investigated the situation and came in contact with this scientist, Dr. William Francis Gray Swann. Dr. Swann had impeccable qualifications, having been chief physicist at the Carnegie Institution, a physics professor at Yale, and having contributed to the study of cosmic rays, atomic structure, relativity and atmospheric electricity. He was author of "The Architecture of the Universe".

A small laboratory was established. Hans Heckman became a part of the newly formed team which chose the name Meta-science Associates.

Even at this early stage we realized that no one or two fields of science had any possibility of providing the knowledge we would need to carry through such an undertaking. We chose the prefix "meta " because of it's dictionary meaning of "over, beyond and transcending ..."

ALL fields of science and allowing room for inclusion of metaphysics and the best of the religious and esoteric lore of the ages. We are of the opinion that many of the needed insights do not exist in any library of the world.

Heckmann's knowledge of German made it convenient to correspond with Theodore Rudolph who was doing EVP work in Germany and Franz Seidl who was doing similar research in Austria. Heckmann and Meek then began an intensive research activity looking toward the design of equipment to serve as our first prototype - Mark I.

The method we chose almost suggested itself. There was no desire to contact the lower and middle astral levels of spiritual life. Since our spirit contactees resided in an area of higher vibrations, the so-called mental and causal level, we could not consider low vibrational approaches.

We decided to use a high frequency generator that would provide a "carrier" wave. This method had been somewhat neglected by EVP researchers but seemed most promising for our intentions.

The major problem with voice communication has been the weakness of the recorded voices. This is particularly true when these voices are barely audible above the atmospheric noise, inter-station hash or program material of radio stations (radio and diode method), or background noise (when using microphone method) .

We hoped to avoid this by using a totally shielded transmitting/receiving system. (A Faraday cage is no barrier to mental,  psychic or spiritual energies.) Any kind of spirit interaction was expected to take

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place in that area. We obtained several good surplus generators and during the summer of 1973 Hans built our first communication prototype. (Fig. l & 2).

The signal output of a 300 MHz generator was coupled to a 5,5 foot long antenna which consisted of three parallel copper wires. Two of these wires radiated the generator signal while the center wire picked up the capacitively and inductively coupled signal and fed it into a demodulator. Antenna and generator signal were adjusted for resonance.

If a voice modulation took place it would be so small and weak that a conventional diode detector would hardly recover it*. Anyone familiar with the poor performance at the "knee" of a diode will understand. A more sensitive demodulator had to be used. We settled for a RF transistor with a 600 MHz bandwidth.

The transistor was operated in a saturated condition in a detector circuit making this device a very sensitive demodulator. Audio amplification took place in a battery-powered, low-noise op-amp type preamplifier. Another op-amp type 540 provided the high-level audio signal for the tape recorder and was also driving several headphones for monitoring.

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* Exceptions are the Schottky Barrier Diodes, which make excellent detectors.

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Mark I was first used during two sessions with a trance medium in our small new lab near Philadelphia. This gave us the advantage of getting immediate reaction and feedback from our spirit collaborators. The task of finding our signal was described as "hitting" a small target far out in the ocean with a rifle bullet".

However, Dr. Swann did pinpoint the signal very shortly and left his own audible 1 kHz impingement on two of our tape recorders. It is interesting to note that one of these recorders was not connected to Mark I at all. Our generator signal was described as "wavering 5-10 MHz" -- 300 MHz was the highest frequency available to us.

Even at that, Dr. Swann described through the medium's guide that he could only locate our signal by finding its higher harmonics which extended above 1000 MHz. No voice modulation was achieved and we were already planning a much improved Mark II.

Fig. 3

Meek and Heckmann discussing Mark I

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