An Electromagnetic-Etheric Systems Approach to Communications
with other Levels of Human Consciousness

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When the great innovation appears, it will almost certainly be in muddied, incomplete and confusing form. To the discoverer himself, it will be only half understood; to everybody else it will be a mystery. For any speculation which does not at first glance look crazy, there is no hope.
Niels Bohr


Bohr's keen insight would have been appreciated by Thomas A. Edison. When he created a device to make it possible for Man to permanently record his spoken words, he only dimly understood the spinoffs that would result in the next 100 years.

And Edison certainly mystified both laymen and scientists. A member of the French Academy of Science investigated Mr. Edison's new phonograph and then with confidence reported to his colleagues,  "I have examined Mr. Edison's phonograph and can assure you that the effect is accomplished by ventriloquism.".

We few fellow mortals who have today created a crude device for instrumental communication with the so-called dead, are certain to be greeted by laymen and scientists with the same or even greater skepticism, disbelief and derision. We will reap charges o f "ventriloquism" or other forms of hoax.

The fact that the inventors of this "crazy" new system seem to have a somewhat muddied comprehension of the underlying laws of nature which must be involved, is also completely in line with Bohr's remarkably cogent insight.

With these preliminary thoughts on the record, we will spend no time refuting any accusations of fraud, hoax, or misinterpretation of results. We are quite content to leave judgment on all such matters to the unfolding of history in the 21st century.

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The material which follows can be best understood and evaluated after the reader has studied certain "theoretical constructs set forth in the booklet 'THE MAGIC OF LIVING FOREVER', a diagram entitled 'In Our Father's House There are Many Mansions' and a cassette tape (or 12" long-play records) entitled "SPIRICOM --Its Development & Potential."

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For twenty five years researchers in many countries have suffered frustration and have often encountered ridicule in their work with the Electronic Voice Phenomenon -- EVP. Initially this euphemism was chosen partly for concealment because nobody wanted to use a name which indicated the possibility of anything so ridiculous as an electronic means to communicate with persons that had died and been buried or cremated! -

But with the passing years came a flood of books presenting evidence pointing to our survival of bodily death. And the researchers of EVP grew in numbers and in their determination to succeed.

The fact, reported here, that authenticated two-way voice communication (between a living person in the U.S.A. and a "dead" person) has taken place at intervals for more than two years, should begin to put an end to skepticism and ridicule. What is needed now is open-mindedness and a willingness by others to start serious research.

Needed also is wide dissemination -- at no profit -- of the basic facts of this breakthrough. Only by such action can numerous people in many countries quickly start to apply their talents to the problems which call for further attention, and by so doing, arrive at ultimate perfection of these and subsequent interplane communication systems. It is the purpose of this booklet to take the first step in such disclosure.*

Frequent trips to Europe by Meek in the early 1970's to observe research being done there showed that results from the various arrangements of tape recorders, microphones, diodes and radios had several things in common:

  1. The "voices" were so faint: that only a person with very acute hearing could detect anything at all.

  2. Most of the sounds involved very few words.

  3. The words were spoken very rapidly and often it was difficult to distinguish one word from the next.

  4. The great amount of background sound (tape hiss, white noise, cross talk, hum, etc.) added to the difficulty of hearing. (The results of these four factors was that the messages or phrases were so difficult to understand that if five people were listening, they might have five different opinions as to what was being said.)

  5. Frequently even the shortest phrases would contain words from two or even three languages.

  6. The content of the words or phrases often had no meaning or relevance for the listener.

  7. There seemed to be little possibility of two-way meaningful conversation.

* The history of the pioneering efforts of Metascience Foundation, and portions of actual conversation with the "dead " are provided in the tape cassette and related materials mentioned on the opposite page.
The pioneering efforts of Friedrich Juergenson of Sweden, Dr. Constantine Raudive and Theodore Rudolph of Germany, Franz Seidl of Austria, as well as Bayless, Welch, Von Szlay and others are reported in the bibliography at the close of this paper.

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It was no wonder that the few parapsychologists who bothered to look into the work quickly lost all interest in the subject.

Moreover, very few of the persons feeling a desire to experiment in this field had any technical training, hence their work was confined to patiently spending many hours with ear phones, hoping they would hear some voices.

In view of these problems; Meek reached two basic conclusions upon completing his August 1975 trip to England, Germany, and Scandinavia.

Degree of Equipment Sophistication
The use of the diode as a white noise generator, the tape recorder, the microphone and the occasional use of radio frequency -- mostly in the kilohertz broadcast bands -- seems to have little chance of getting sustained two-way conversation, relatively undistorted and free from static.

Forty years earlier Thomas A. Edison, the American inventor with 1,090 patents to his credit, worked in the closing years of his life to invent an instrument to permit conversation with the dead. Referring to the table-tilting sťances of his day, Edison observed, "Certain methods now in use are so crude, so childish, so unscientific, that it is amazing how so many rational human beings can take stock in them.

If we ever do succeed in establishing communication with personalities which have left this present life, it certainly won't be through any of the childish contraptions which seem so silly to the scientist."

The equipment used in our lab in 1975 had obviously progressed beyond the "silly contraption" stage but it seemed clear to us that a far higher degree of instrumental sophistication would be required to reach the design objectives.

The Role and Nature of the Energies Involved
Obviously, the EVP devices mentioned above were operating at least in part in what we know as our electromagnetic spectrum.

Diode ==> Amp. ==> Recorder Mic. ==> Amp. ==> Recorder

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Neither system uses electromagnetism in the strict sense but they do use what is commonly known as EMF - electromotive force. This involves voltage potentials and current flows. The only basic electromagnetic energy in these two systems involves primarily the recording heads in the recorders and any transformers used.

But to what extent were other energies playing (should they play) a role? Was it possible that on the levels of  consciousness in which the deceased were living, there were types of energy of which our present sciences are unaware?

[A leading English scientist in 1975 wrote a book in which he flatly asserted that man and the cosmos could be fully explained by the four energies which science had already identified: electromagnetic, gravitational, nuclear and radioactive.

He also assured the world that no energy existed that could travel faster than the speed of light. Now, only six years later, we know that he was wrong on both counts.]

It seemed to us that it would be necessary to carefully scrutinize the possible role of each of the following energies for a potential place in EVP research:

Generative Radiative
electricity magnetism
electric field (static) magnetic field (induced)
gravity radio activity
electron charge (-) proton charge (+)
brain waves etheric magnetism
audible tones spirit energies
etheric electricity (bioplasmic)
spirit energies


A curious bit of news:


... apparently NON - instrumental contact with those living in the worlds of Spirit is much more common than was known.

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In Search of a Theory - Necessity for a Pseudoscience Approach

Considering the obvious complexity of the problem, our very limited manpower and financial resources, and our lack of understanding of what might exist in the way of energies outside the conventional spectrums as we know them, we were somewhat aghast at the scope of the task which we had set for ourselves .

Great advances in science generally do not require abandoning earlier hard-won theories. Rather they open up additional windows on the nature of reality. The SPIRICOM developments are no exception. We certainly do not wish nor attempt to invalidate our hard-won comprehension of the electromagnetic spectrum.

However, to have any possibility of understanding the energies involved we must first expand our knowledge of the sea of ether in which we "all live and move and have our being" -- to use a phrase common in many of Man's religions. We must be willing to investigate and expand our knowledge of so-called psychic energies and energy fields -- such as those captured on color photographic film as shown in photos on pages 3 through 11 of the booklet, THE MAGIC OF LIVING FOREVER.

When we realize that all of these - the ether, psychic energy and the energy fields captured in these photos - are largely outside the boundaries of "establishment" science, it is obvious that our research and crude theoretical concepts may be brushed off as pseudoscience.

We find that our situation has a precise parallel to the predicament in which British plant physiologist Rupert Sheldrake found himself when, in 1981, he published A NEW SCIENCE OF LIFE. He proposed that all living systems are regulated not only by known energy and material factors but also by invisible organizing fields.

He states that these fields are causative and serve as blueprints for form and behavior. "Establishment"  science editorialized in the journal NATURE that the book was "an infuriating tract," and characterized its "misguided" author as one whose "knowledge should have enabled him to know better." It concluded that Sheldrake's book was "the best candidate for burning there has been for a long time."

Our decade of work investigating just such energy fields as Sheldrake reports, actually gave us a basis for tolerating at least some of the mysteries we encountered in our development of SPIRICOM.

The likelihood that this volume and its' predecessor, Vol. VI, will be "candidates for burning" gives us no concern. Work which will be reported later in this book will be' placed squarely on the pages of history. And those who attempt to give it the same treatment given Sheldrake's research, should know that at least a

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scientist such as Bryan Josepheson", Nobel prize winner in 1973, had this to say in the November 1981 issue of BRAIN MIND BULLETIN: (regarding NATURE's editorial)

A new kind of understanding of nature is now emerging, with concepts like implicate order and  subject-dependent reality (and now, perhaps formative causation).

These developments have not yet penetrated to the leading journals. One can only hope that the editors will soon cease to obstruct this avenue of progress and instead encourage reviews of the field.

...You reject (the fields) as "pseudoscience" on the grounds that he does not prescribe their nature or origin, or discuss how their laws of propagation might be discovered. But the properties of heat, light and sound were investigated long before there was any understanding of their true nature, and electricity and magnetism originally had exactly the same status that you criticized . . .

You claim that hypotheses can be dignified as theories only if all aspects of them can be tested. Such a criterion would bar general relativity, the black hole and many other concepts of modern science from being regarded as legitimate scientific theories.

Josepheson might also have observed that it sometimes takes establishment science a very long time to face up to a true breakthrough in knowledge. There is really nothing so new in Sheldrake's work. Dr. Harold Saxton Burr and Dr. F. S. C. Northrup of Yale University published their little-noticed paper, "Electrodynamic Theory of Life" in 1935. It reported the existence of organizing fields in plants and humans. The concepts in that paper and in later research by Dr. Burr did much to give us the insights and the courage to move into spirit communication research.

However, this small volume is in no sense an effort to set forth a new theory. It is primarily for the purpose of presenting to the world the fact that we in the flesh have communicated by means of an instrument with  a person who has been dead for 14 years.

And we will not be at all concerned if it takes "science" some decades to satisfactorily explain how we did it!

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In the hope that it will be of considerable value to our esteemed fellow researchers, we here look back over our research efforts of the past decade, point out why we took a different approach from that made by other researchers, and then make available to them the fruits of our efforts.

1. We sought and received invaluable assistance from the persons with whom we wished to communicate.

Meek's numerous trips to Europe revealed what he felt was a one-sided approach to the problem. It seemed that researchers there gave no consideration to conditions that prevailed in the realms where the "dead" persons - their desired communicators - were living!

There were many crucial questions that needed answers which could come only from the other side of life. Did the deceased possess any counterpart of the larynx? Was the communicator limited to generating and receiving mental energy, and if so did this mental energy fit into what science presently knows about the electromagnetic system?

If not, what was the nature of these energies with which our sending and receiving equipment had to interface, in order to communicate in a really useful way? Was there any technique by which we could in some way communicate with persons in these realms so that we could discuss these and other questions?

From the earliest Biblical writings, literature has been filled with examples of communications from higher levels of consciousness to persons living out their daily lives on the surface of planet Earth. Traditionally such persons were called sages, seers, prophets or mystics. In this century the terms mediums, psychics, sensitives and telepathic channels have been used.

At the very beginning of our research. (as will be explained in the next chapter) we had an unusual opportunity to come into contact with an American sensitive who seemed to have the possibility of putting us in touch with scientists now living on higher planes of existence. We were particularly interested in those scientists who wanted to join hands with us across the dimensions which separate them from us.

Putting it very simply, we wanted to rig a temporary "telephone" connection with some "dead" scientists until such time as we and they had successfully designed, built and tested an electronic system of some type. Hopefully, the equipment itself then or at a future time could be made to operate without any input from a psychic or mediumistic operator.

Having spent several years in full-time world-wide travel to meet and study healers, sensitives, psychics and mediums; and having carefully studied 100 years of literature dealing with such persons, Meek fully understood the dubious wisdom of such a

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difficult undertaking! It was a case of looking for a needle in a haystack. Not one medium in a thousand possesses the various qualities to the degree needed such an enterprise.

Someone once observed, "If you can't be smart, the next best thing is to be lucky." Now, as it will become obvious from results to be discussed later in this report, we have indeed been lucky.

2. We neither sought nor received major assistance from parapsychologists.

An intensive review of the literature indicated that in the first part of this century psychical researchers - and both the British and American psychical research societies - did much valuable work looking at the question of life after death.

It was about the mid-point of the century when parapsychologists began to be seriously interested in psychical research. In the 60's they began to take over much of this research under the heading of parapsychology. 

In the 70's they more or less completed their takeover. In order to add respectability to parapsychology to the point where it could be considered a science, they almost completely avoided considering the possibility of life after death.

Only in the early 70's when pioneers from medicine (Kuebler-Ross and Moody) began to look at near-death experiences was there an awakening interest about life after death among a few of the parapsychologists.

We take the position that psychical research wound up with the wrong bedfellow. It was obvious to us in 1970 -- and even more so now -- that the marriage should have been made with a hard science -- physics. And for two reasons:

First, it is now obvious that physics in the past 25 years has opened up windows on the nature of everything  that exists in the cosmos. It has shown that every minute part of our physical body, as well as everything else, is energy in motion. The physicists at the forefront of the advances are saying that matter is mind stuff, that everything exists in a seemingly Unlimited sea of MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS.

Second, it is equally obvious that psychology has undergone no expansion of a similar magnitude. Mental telepathy, out-of-body experiences, psychometry, clairaudience, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, materializations and apports are all psycho-energetic manifestations. Only a science which deals with energy can possibly unravel these mysteries.

When this situation is looked at realistically, it can be seen that the fantastically complicated mysteries of life and death have a better possibility for solution from the emerging science of paraphysics than from parapsychology. Hence, we neither sought nor received any major help or encouragement from parapsychology. Instead,

3. We concentrated on an engineering systems approach to the development of communications devices.

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In view of what has just been said about our emerging realization that everything in the cosmos is energy of one form or another, it does not seem so strange that engineering talents have a place in creating the hardware needed to handle the energies involved in interplane communication.

Most laymen never stop to consider that the hundreds of mechanical, electrical and communication devices they use daily have been created by engineers. The engineers are the ones who take the basic insights and convert them to practical everyday usefulness.

This viewpoint was well expressed by Tompkins and Bird in their book,  THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANETS. The first paragraph of chapter 12, "Force Fields, Humans and Plants," reads:

Because their profession calls upon them for practical solutions to problems no matter how difficult they appear at first glance, engineers, unlike researchers in pure science, are less concerned with why or how something works than with whether it will work.

This attitude frees them from the shackles of theory, which in the history of science has often caused pedants to disregard the brilliant new findings of geniuses because there was no theoretical basis to support them.

If ever a situation called for a practical solution, even though is no supporting theoretical base, it is certainly that of creating an interplane communications system. The team of fellow researchers assembled under the Metascience Foundation banner have collectively logged more than 200 man-years of engineering and related  technical skills.

But it is still very comforting - - and more productive of results -- if there is some theory behind what the engineers and technicians are endeavoring to construct. So,

4. We made an in-depth study into the basic nature of Man.

Meek, in collaboration with physicians, physicists, surgeons, biologists, parapsychologists, psychical researchers, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, clergy and others - in many countries - spent several years studying the whole, subject of health and illness. The focal point of the study was to unravel just what was  taking place between a patient and a healer, witchdoctor, shaman, medicine man, minister or Christian Science practitioner.

One of the most fruitful locations for this on-the-spot research was the rice fields of Luzon, the northern island in the Philippines. Here native Filipinos, with perhaps the equivalent of two years of grade school education, were serving successfully as healers of patients coming from all over the world.

One of the strangest situations we had to face was the statement by the healers that they obtained their knowledge of what was wrong with patients and how to treat them, from what they

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variously called a guide, protector or spirit doctor who "spoke" to them inside their head! Were there really such persons alive in another dimension of reality? If so, had they carried over the knowledge gained as doctors when they were alive in a physical body?

These and dozens of other fascinating questions are examined in the book HEALERS AND THE HEALING PROCESS, by 15 persons involved in these world-wide studies into the basic nature of Man.

Many of the insights from this research are assembled in the accompanying two diagrams taken from that book.

The chief point in Fig 18A that relates to our communication project is the block portion to the center left, labeled, "Mental or Astral Body."  This indicates that we had come to the realization that a portion of Man exists outside our physical 3-dimensional world. It can travel - that is it can temporarily separate itself from the physical body - and apparently it can survive death of the physical body.

NOTE: Since it is a little too much to ask psychiatrist or parapsychologist to be comfortable with terms like "energy fields", "non-physical energies", and "interpenetrating space-time systems", Mary Scott presented essentially the same concepts in Fig. 18 A but with different terminology.

O.K., so we had learned at least a few useful things about the basic nature of Man, especially that same portion of him might very well wind up in heaven, hell, purgatory or some other realm of existence. If we were ever to communicate with occupants of such realms, could we possibly obtain a road atlas, tourist guide or travel handbook? We could and did.

5. We explored and mapped the realm in which our intended communicators now live.

We in the Western world, are, for the most part, familiar with the statement by Jesus of Nazareth, "In our Father's house there are many mansions." Was this just a nice poetical figure of speech or did it have some basis in fact? He frequently stated that life was eternal.

Was this a snare and delusion? His follower, the Apostle Paul, said that Man had a physical body AND a spiritual body. Was this spiritual body a reality, and if so, what could it be?

In section one above we mention that we decided at the very start of our research to get into communication with kindly souls alive and well on the other side of the door marked "death". We did just that and reaped a tremendous harvest of information.

Much of this material is reported in AFTER WE DIE, WHAT THEN? and AS WE SEE IT FROM HERE (both available from Metascience Foundation, as is also the book mentioned in (4) above.)

Based on perhaps 200 hours of such contacts, we assembled the road map shown in the large colored chart labeled, "In Our Father's House There are Many Mansions."

Here at last we had a growing understanding of the realms with which we were trying to communicate. Engineers by nature are

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detailed, precise and visually minded. In the just-mentioned diagram we at last had a blueprint or floor plan of the many different rooms or "mansions." Moreover, we had some very specific knowledge as to just what was going on in the different areas or "mansions" and the type of individuals with whom we might possibly come in contact via such instruments as we could devise.

While we started out concentrating on the higher spiritual planes, we found our best instrumental contact to date has been on lower levels.

Being of an inquisitive nature, we next posed the question, "Would it ever be possible to photograph the energy fields of which some of the inhabitants of  these realms most likely are composed?"

6. We are conducting research in the field of etheric Photography.

There is little that we care to report at the time this material is being a assembled for printing. However, some insights as to what may be possible is shown by photographs from the early stages of research on pages 5 through 11 of the small volume entitled THE MAGIC OF LIVING FOR EVER.


The foregoing six items show wherein our approach to interplane communication has differed from most other research in the EVP field. Our different approach paid off wonderfully well for us. On October 17, 1977 we had our first crude two-way conversation with a deceased American medical doctor, a former "ham" radio operator.

In April, 1980 we enjoyed our second breakthrough with the help of Dr. George Jeffries Mueller, an American scientist who departed his physical body May 31, 1967.

Since this volume is prepared primarily for those interested in the technical aspects of communication, we will, without further background information, proceed to present a detailed step-by-step account of our decade of building, testing and rejecting various pieces of equipment.

We present this detailed material to our fellow researchers all over the world in the hope that it will give them insights which will quickly make their approach to research much more productive.

By helping to someday perfect a workable and dependable communication system for contact with the mental and causal plane, they will perhaps contribute to the welfare of the average man far more than have the billions of dollars spent to put Man on the moon.

We will discuss the potential benefits - and dangers - later.

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